Tera Online?

A co-worker pointed this game out to me. It’s supposed to be available sometime this year and has been in the making for awhile now. I took a peek at the videos and have to admit it looks cool – uses DX10.

It appears to have PVE and PVP elements but I haven’t looked it a lot. The videos looked good (of course) and it’s got the typical “next generation MMO” phrase plastered all over the place – we all know how that doesn’t always apply or succeed.

That’s all I have to say about it now.

Aside from, “I like bewbs.” And it seems the DEVs of this game really like them too.


4 thoughts on “Tera Online?

  1. They like boobs and gratuitous thing shots even more from what I saw. The sorcereress casting clips are only missing a dancing pole 😉

  2. Just about every MMO lately says the same spiel. I skipped Algalon (barely noticed it, TBH) and Aion. I suspect I’ll skip this one too.

    Just thought I’d throw it out there because I like to take every opportunity I can to admit my love for bewbs.

    Sersiously though, it sort of looks like Lineage III graphics-wise. Some of the abilities look fun/animated/active. I suspect it will be grindy and otherwise shallow on the PVE side of things.

    I’ll wait until a couple of months after release.

    My next MMO will likely be Lego Universe or Star Wars: The Old Republic… both for the same reason; my son wants to play them. 🙂

  3. TERA doesn’t necessarily “use DX10” since it’s built in the Unreal Engine, which was originally made for full DX9 and partial DX10 utilization. Regardless, the jiggle physics are cool and so is the gameplay concept (no tab targeting). Check out TERAblah.com for more info! 😉

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