I Don’t Get It?

I don’t know why we seek to do it, but we always seem to want to change – or in most cases, have others change because we aren’t in a position to do so – something that is good and fun.

I know a lot of people are seeking innovation and want something new, but maybe they’re looking in the wrong place?

What am I talking about?

I’m talking about this post from Wolfshead.

On one hand I can empathize with what he’s saying because I’ve often posted much the same (as have several others). They want something new. They want a new MMO that will get us back into what ever memory of MMOs we previously had… but it’s got to be new!

Sometimes you need to break out of a given genre or try something different within that genre rather than try to change the genre entirely.

I found myself getting a little bored of the whole fantasy type of genre in the books I was reading. Did I complain to Terry Goodkind or George R.R. Martin or David Eddings or Raymond E. Feist or Glen Cook and demand they make a new fantasy genre? Come on! Innovate! Come up with something new!

No, I switched authors and delved a little more into the sci-fi genre.

Well okay, I took a look at what Glen Cook was writing in the sci-fi genre, but only after I took a stab at a detective novel (which I’m still having a hard time getting into). Admittedly, I enjoyed the sci-fi novel.

I also took a look at the non-traditional medieval type fantasy setting and picked up The Way of the Shadows by Brent Weeks. I have to admit, I loved it. All 600+ pages of it.

Well, there were a few parts that were … dark, but overall it was a great story with somewhat of an Oriental cast to it. It was really something else. I’m looking forward to some free time so I can get into the second book of the series.

Oh, coming back to my point…

Step back and consider the innovation and growth of other game genres? FPS are pretty much what they were only better stories and more graphic. RTSes are much the same too.

MMOs aren’t broken, maybe you’re just bored with them and should be looking at another genre?

EDIT: One hundred billion imaginery and valueless points to anyone that finds where my other hand went.

Don’t Stop ‘Til I’m OOM!

That’s what the Priest in a Heroic Utgarde Keep PUG said as he realized we had less than 20 minutes until the server maintenance today.

I chuckled at reading that.

1. I was tanking as Lannister.
2. I had one of our guild DPS Warriors in the group.
3. It was only Utgarde Keep, even if it was on Heroic.
4. I wasn’t going to stop even if the Priest was OOM.

Nearing the end of the run people started getting a little cocky and pulled stuff ahead of me – not a problem, I picked them up but I got a sense that the DPS guys were worrying and getting reckless. I could just see one of them doing something stupid and dying which would wast time.

I reminded them we still had 10 minutes as we closed on the last fight before the boss.

No problem.

Heroics aren’t so heroic anymore.

Blast From the Past…

Earlier in the week I popped onto IM and saw a request from a familiar name so I approved it but it was a request sent while I was offline so he wasn’t on… or at least who I thought it was wasn’t online. But that’s a good thing. If it was some porn spammer I would have had immediate response.

I got an IM from him just a short while ago but was in a meeting.



He was a Wizard I played with on Stromm in EQ1 and later ended up with my level 65 Cleric in a three way trade (where Kaldonar ended up with Sabist’s Necromancer and I ended up with Kaldonar’s Shadowknight).

But that was awhile ago.

Sabist (and his wife) joined us in EQ2 when it came out where we created a guild together which later merged with another friend’s guild. In other words, a good number of my long standing MMO buds should remember him.

After EQ2 we sort of lost touch until Vanguard came out. Sabist gave it a try but didn’t like too much for plenty of good reasons.

Man, it has been awhile! Several years – I wonder what he’s up to?

Bears and Idiots…

You don’t poke a bear because you’re going to piss it off and it’s going to maul you.

Well, I was thinking about idiots.

If you’re going to comment, at length, about a particular group of idiots in an inciting manner you should stop and think…

If anyone is going to react to what you’re doing in an idiotic way, it’ll probably be an idiot.


Its cool, I’m taking it back.

My home email account, that is.

I took a few minutes while the CPU was chugging away performing some binary compares and rooted through my home email.

It was a mess of over 117 emails. Five (117-5=112) of them were actual emails to me and not spam or some stupid mailing list the wife signed us up for.

Bonus imaginary and completely valueless points for anyone that gets the source of this title.

WoW Auction House?

So one of the big motivations for leaving the Auction Houses only available in the major cities was that it made players go to those cities to buy and sell.

The other motivation for high levels to go there was that the trainers were there for their classes – not so much a motivation when you’re max level.

So one of the only reasons (I can think of) is to play the auction house.

Blizzard? You brokedid it.

While part of me loves this idea and hopes it causes some prices to go up in the AH, I worried that it might not. I also worry that they’ve just killed the main reason why a high or max level character would ever visit Stormwind, Ironforge, Darnassus or Exodar (who am I kidding, everyone goes to either SW or IF) or their Horde flavors (Ogrimmar, Thunder Bluff, Undercity or Silvermoon – I know most people go to Ogrimmar or Undercity).

Why is this bad?

High levels in the main cities are like dummies in a store window.

Real dummies if you don’t get what I’m talking about.

All that cool gear, neat enchantment effects and spiffy mounts? Not going to see them around so much any more and all those things were often (conscious or subconscious) motivations for people to level and get into the latest expansions.

In short? Blizzard may have just shot themselves in the foot.

Now maybe they’re hoping they can mix in some high level content in with the low level stuff in Cataclysm and that’ll be enough to keep high levels into those towns.


With the content taking place in older areas of Azeroth, you won’t see places like Shattrah or Dalaran being as important hubs as they once were.

Have you been through Shattrah lately? Pretty damn empty.

Will Dalaran be much the same?

I think no, but it will depend on what they do for their next ‘hub’, assuming they have one. I could see myself still staying bound in Dalaran simply because I have teleporter access to all the major cities.

We’ll see…

Of course, I didn’t ask the question: Is 3$ more a month worth what you’re getting?

It will vary from person to person. This is like a wondrous new expansion for people that really love playing the Auction House.

Not so much if you’re more casual and not really selling a lot of volume on there.