Good Night!

I had one night of good sleep last night where I went to bed at around 9:30pm fell asleep by 10:00pm and I’m feeling pretty damn good this morning.

It’s really amazing the effects that lack of sleep can have on someone. I was suffering a bit of hypertension, possibly depression (though I doubt it), high blood pressure, some chest discomfort (I’m reluctant to say ‘pain’), chest congestion, sore eyes and a whole bucket load of irritability which was far worse in crowds or when around young kids that can’t stop talking or making noise in some form (I’m looking at you LittleLittleOgre). Other issues are difficulty thinking/reasoning – something that is important for me at work.

Why wasn’t I sleeping?

The reasons are too personal to share (or admit) but the less observant or aware would blame it on being up late raiding. Truth is, even when I wasn’t raiding I was up late watching TV, poking around the web or playing some other game. Heck, sometimes after a raid was over I’d sit down and watch some recorded shows which pushed my bedtime out to 1am or even later.

Some of it might be the copious amount of coffee I consume each day, but I think that’s not entirely the case.

Either way, I’m feeling better with one night’s rest so I’m going to make more of an effort to continue the trend of a going to sleep earlier.


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