I had some fun yesterday evening running PUGs with Kaldonar. He is working on getting a tank set together so we’ve been running about three PUGs per night (well so far it’s been sporadic). He tanks for my Hunter, then for my Paladin (unless we get HoR then I tank it) and then for my Priest.

Yesterday while tanking for my Paladin, I switched to Ret and accidentally put Righteous Fury up. No problem, I’ll just cancel it.

Wait a sec! Where are my buffs?!

My buffs weren’t showing up. I spent most of the first few fights doing nothing but puttzing around in my addon and then options. No luck. They just weren’t showing up.

I apologized and told them I’d be stealing agro lots as I couldn’t turn off Righteous Fury.

Few fights in, I tried to minimize agro by not using Seal of Command, but that still didn’t work. Almost all my damage is Holy so lots of agro. Poor Kaldonar.

Amazingly the healer kept me up though the Shadow Priest we had bailed (I think he bailed because we weren’t skipping bosses – it was Drak’tharon – come on! It takes about 8 minutes if you do all the bloody bosses). I ended up dying after killing King Dred.

Righteous Fury was off!

I should have died sooner!

I ended up disabling my buff addon after that. I still need to sort out my addons on the new PC. Especially my Power Auras.

Good times!

(Though it wasn’t nearly as bad as when a guild Rogue and I dumped agro on the Druid Healer that was complaining too much and a certain Pally tank didn’t taunt off him…)


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