Something to Be Said…

.. about buying the physical copy of a video game.

Yeah, the downside is that if the disk or medium gets damaged you’re screwed but if you get a new PC it’s quicker to install from there.

I decided I’d just download all the games I had in Steam onto my new PC and discovered I blew the soft cap for downloads per month by doing so. It’s now going to be 2$ more per GB of download up to a cap of 50$.


Next time I think I’ll just pull the files off my other system – in my defense, I didn’t have it hooked up yet, and still don’t. I’ll have to pull over the saved games as it is already.

The downside of trying to simply pull (already installed game) files over is that most installers tend to require certain redistributables which is a huge pain in the ass to track down.

Ah well, lesson learned.


3 thoughts on “Something to Be Said…

  1. You can backup all your steam games to another drive or burn them a disk.


  2. I know, but my system that had them all downloaded on to wasn’t set up. The wife was slacking with collecting the files she wanted to keep so I could back those up and take down the oldest system.

    I’ll set up my old one and take down the oldest one tonight.

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