Alt Plans…

I’ve got a plan for alts and covering off the different roles in WoW. Rather than play a stinky Durid and be pining for a quad spec option from Blizzard, I figured I’d have alts.

Kremus = Unholy DK (Enchanting/probably Alchemy). He’s going to be my Melee DPS because I like the feel of a DK and how the rotation plays out. He’s still in the oven and I’m slowly working him up to 80. I was breaking 1k DPS with him back when he was level 70. I haven’t checked lately because most mobs die too fast. The odd group mob often measures over 1k though – yes, I’ve been soloing some of the group quests as I level up. Some are close, some, not so much.

Lannister = Prot Pally (Blacksmithing/Mining). I’ve been digging up some tank stuff and working on getting him geared. Tim’s been digging up some even better stuff and telling me what to do here so that’s good. I was never really too keen on the Ret rotation, it was too… simple and I always looked for other things to do to help out… costing me DPS. (That or I’d accidentally hit Hand of Reckoning and die to a boss.) I’ve got a plan on adjusting his gear and focusing on him a little more – previously, I was using his Frost emblems to pick up Primordial Saronites for selling but now I’ll use them for him.

Deleciel = Holy Priest (Herbalism/Inscription). Now that she’s geared up to mostly purples (except rings and her trinkets), healing is easier. Dan also gave me a hand and explained a few things I would have know if I actually leveled as Holy. I’m comfortable with this healer, though I don’t think I’d want to heal Halls of Reflection anytime soon… at least not on Heroic. I also don’t expect to raid with this one.

Smaken = Marksman Hunter (Engineering/Jewelcrafting). This is still my main, Tim. Stop that! He’s pretty much geared to the hilt only needing the odd Heroic 10 man piece and some 25 man stuff… like a certain trinket. He has no need for badges, though I was considering building a PVP spec and got part way with it, but for now I think I’ll use his badges for building up cash again and picking up gems needed for my alts. I also want a Lich King kill with him…

It’s kind of nice feeling like there is some upgrades or advancement to be had. Screwing around with alts keeps me feeling like I’m doing something in the game while it’s also easier to call it a night and go to bed without staying up too late.

Raid attendance was bad for me last week. I think I went to a 10man on Tuesday with Smaken (I think?) and that was it for raids other than the 15 minutes it took to run a the weekly. Lannister went on the alt ICC 10 man run as Ret (meh).

However, I am feeling better for the most part so I want to keep at getting a reasonable amount of sleep.

The question becomes; do I skip the 10 mans and just try to go with the 25s? Tuesday 10 man, Wednesday geek night (as the wife calls it), Thursday 25 man = dead tired on Friday and most of the weekend, especially if I do the alt night or follow up 10 mans to the Tuesday and the Sunday night 25.

I want to see LK dead and chances of that are better with the 10 man. Abandon 25 man until I get the LK dead then switch to focusing on 25 mans?

I’d hate to do that sort of thing – drop one or the other – since I’d feel like I’m getting what I need and moving on, but the bottom line is that I cannot be hardcore so… I need to pick and choose what is best for me.

Things would be so much easier if I only had to worry about 10 mans.

Where are you Cataclysm?


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