I Prefer 10 Man…

… raids.

Not that I don’t like a major portion of the guild, I just prefer having only 9 other people in the raid. I just like the smaller group, the lack of duplication, the lower risk of human error which seems to allow for more human interaction.

Even if the new guys were sort of quiet.

Really, each time I’ve been in the 10 man raids, most of the people involved were different. Some Charius ran, others Lasciel ran and last night Delnor was running it.

Less is more?

The loot seemed to make sense too – obviously, less of a chance of conflicts. People talked out some pieces where it was unsure and they ultimately ended up where they should have been.

Nothing dropped that I was overly interested in other than a Heroic version of that Lady Deathwhisper trinket, but even then, I think I’d keep Death’s Verdict over that if I ever got the Saurfang trinket. Clearly getting loot isn’t a major part of the ‘fun’ for me despite what certain others might think. 😛

Ultimately, it was a more relaxed and felt more fun than the 25s. If I had to guess, I’d say the leaders had a good time too and it wasn’t really any stress on them.

This is sort of sad because I intended to cut my 10 man raids in order to attend the two 25 man nights that I am available for.

I’m starting to question that thinking. Especially since I seem to get sucked into the 10 mans anyway – including the alt nights.


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