Arthas? Smell My Fingers…

The guild took a step in the right direction yesterday, forming up a group to take on Sindragosa and the Lich King last night. One of our leaders had an alt saved to an instance where only those two bosses were left. We built a group and went at it.

This is a good thing because I know a good number of people were worried they’d never get to see or beat the Lich King themselves. There have been occassions where some people miss out on bosses because new shiny content comes out – myself included. I have yet to see General Vez or Yogg Saron despite having done several of the warders on hard mode, although I did have a night of trying Algalon.

I hope this is something Blizzard changes in the future because this design was a little too linear and with Emblems of Triumph popping out of Heroics, etc. they’ve rendered Naxx and Ulduar content useless. There is little point to going and doing them – and this isn’t because a new expansion came out, this is in the same expansion!

IMO, a better design to encourage people to continue raiding varions zones would be to have had Naxx be a stepping stone to the Argent Tourney (i.e. you had to do Naxx to get access to TOC) and that be a stepping stone to ICC. Ulduar and the other smaller, one shot raids would have been there for mass consumption. The gear dropping out of each would have been the same tier.

In fact, certain pieces to the sets would have been spread around. I would have gone with something to the effect of certain parts for certainc classes dropping from different spots.

Oh wait! That’s what they did in Vanilla!

Yes, but there is no reason they couldn’t have the badge gear and a raid tier that was much better. As it is now, there is better parts but no sets or set bonuses from them and in some cases the T10 upgraded is better (not all cases).

I just don’t like seeing all this raid content kicked to the curb and you’re forced to only run ICC in 10 and 25 flavors because all the motivation is advancing or getting the new shinies!

But I digress so here is a picture:

Hey Arthas? Smell my fingers!

Hey Arthas? Smell my fingers!


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