Blast From the Past…

Earlier in the week I popped onto IM and saw a request from a familiar name so I approved it but it was a request sent while I was offline so he wasn’t on… or at least who I thought it was wasn’t online. But that’s a good thing. If it was some porn spammer I would have had immediate response.

I got an IM from him just a short while ago but was in a meeting.



He was a Wizard I played with on Stromm in EQ1 and later ended up with my level 65 Cleric in a three way trade (where Kaldonar ended up with Sabist’s Necromancer and I ended up with Kaldonar’s Shadowknight).

But that was awhile ago.

Sabist (and his wife) joined us in EQ2 when it came out where we created a guild together which later merged with another friend’s guild. In other words, a good number of my long standing MMO buds should remember him.

After EQ2 we sort of lost touch until Vanguard came out. Sabist gave it a try but didn’t like too much for plenty of good reasons.

Man, it has been awhile! Several years – I wonder what he’s up to?


2 thoughts on “Blast From the Past…

  1. I’m playing EQ again! Having a blast on a retro server called Project 1999. Suspended my WoW account and playing for free. Look me up, name is Frice.

  2. It’s funny, I was reading a thread on EQ and all the bugs and exploits just the other day. Made me feel nostalgic about it. But I know I won’t last playing it again. I tried well over a year ago and it really didn’t last. 😦

    I’m good with WoW, especially with all the upcoming changes later today. 🙂

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