Don’t Stop ‘Til I’m OOM!

That’s what the Priest in a Heroic Utgarde Keep PUG said as he realized we had less than 20 minutes until the server maintenance today.

I chuckled at reading that.

1. I was tanking as Lannister.
2. I had one of our guild DPS Warriors in the group.
3. It was only Utgarde Keep, even if it was on Heroic.
4. I wasn’t going to stop even if the Priest was OOM.

Nearing the end of the run people started getting a little cocky and pulled stuff ahead of me – not a problem, I picked them up but I got a sense that the DPS guys were worrying and getting reckless. I could just see one of them doing something stupid and dying which would wast time.

I reminded them we still had 10 minutes as we closed on the last fight before the boss.

No problem.

Heroics aren’t so heroic anymore.


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