D&D Session Meh…

I’m not sure what was up with the session but it felt sort of meh. If I look at it I think it was a combination of several things:

1. I was tired.
2. The DM said before the session that his campaign was pretty much over so he’s just running with random encounters and character plots until the next campaign is ready.
3. People died.
4. I didn’t entirely agree with how the first encounter unfolded, there was too much of a delay in getting people into the area really putting everyone and a severe disadvantage – but what ever.
5. One of those people was reincarnated into a smaller size which caused issues.
6. Said issues interrupted the game for a length of time.
7. During that length of time, we were discussing what we were going to play in the upcoming campaign – this often puts people thinking ahead instead of the now.
8. I couldn’t really come up with anything for the next campaign; the classes looked overplayed, most of the character types have been done and the ones I didn’t really want to do I haven’t done for a reason.
9. I decided maybe I’ll try a Sorcerer that focuses on Conjuration.
10 I realized we didn’t really have a full blown healer so I’m starting to think Cleric.
11. I hate playing a character that I know I’m playing just because the role is needed.
12. I kind of regret a multiclass choice I made with this character.
13. There hasn’t been nearly enough ‘dungeon’ type delving for my liking; I am reminded of grinding mobs out in the open, above ground zones in EQ1.
14. Lloyd was sitting around with his shirt open and collar popped.

There was some talk (before the session) about taking a summer break or getting the next campaign rolling for the fall. I tossed out trying the starter pack for 4e just for something (different) to do. I think only 2 of the 7 other people had interest, though maybe the others didn’t hear.

Don’t mistake these comments for overall complaints about the campaign. I thought the campaign was good and I had a lot of fun playing my Goblin Cleric but starting over with new characters at higher levels just… meh.

That’s been the case in most campaigns where that has happened. We’ve identified that and noted it was an issue (at least I did) but we decided against starting over.

One thing that I mentioned in response to someone commenting that they really wanted to see a campaign get to 20s was that we need to stop with the overarching storyline that is supposed to take you from 1 to 20.


Because you hit the 10s and early teens and start losing people. Those people get replaced by people that have loose ties to said overarching storyline. This continues for awhile until almost no one has any ties to the story.

If want to advance to the max level, we’re better off having multiple stories to take us from point of interest to point of interest. Focus on the fact that lower level concerns are less world breaking and more immediate. Moderate levels tend to be a little bigger in scope, so open that up. By the mid-high levels things get to be more world sized and at the higher end to epic levels it tends to get planar.

Get back to adventures being about the adventure, sure story can be involved, but sometimes the story is a short one or a novella instead of a massive trilogy.

One of the players mentioned something he was running on a NWN persistent world server that involved a local vampire… perfect for a teens level group adventure! Not for a whole campaign to revolve around.

There is nothing wrong with episodes instead of trilogies.


5 thoughts on “D&D Session Meh…

  1. If I may be so bold: It sounds like you like the way I approached my campaign. Each chapter was a story in and of itself. They all tied together in the end, but each could be a stand-alone story.

    And I really liked my NWN story. I’m going to use it in my custom campaign.

  2. Actually, yes, Ken. I really did enjoy your campaign. I sort of regret the restart or switching from Caris to Caleb; namely because of all the DR folks. 🙂 I’m somewhat kidding. I had plans for Caris but not a whole lot for Caleb.

    But the net result was the content was built to have some ties, but the ties weren’t necessary. We were doing modules and adventuring for the sake of adventuring.

    Yes you were running modules, but the take away from that is identifying the aspects of the modules that made them fun for the group. There was a definite pattern to it and ‘delving’, so to speak, in almost every one.

  3. 3. *sigh*
    4. Yup.
    5. *sigh*
    6. Honestly didn’t know when it happened what I would do (bring him back, walk him out). Didn’t realize how long it took to sort things out at the time. I think I’m ok with how it ended up, but time will tell.
    14. Don’t remind me!

  4. Well, the fact that he sped ahead and just dealt with the buying of smaller gear and streamlined all that was a good thing. The others weren’t really aware of what was going on in there though. It probably wouldn’t have been on my list if I had known that.

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