Auction House

Wow. I bought the Global Agenda game which opens up a lot of features without needing to subscribe (subscription opens of the Conquest mode, ability to create Agencies, and a couple of other things).

The most game changing thing it opened up for me?

The Auction House.

Previously I was struggling to put together money to buy the armor and helmet ‘decorative’ items. Let alone dyes. Along came the Auction House and suddenly I’ve got tons of credits to waste of silly frill.

Those scrap parts that sell to a vendor for only 2 creds? Well, you can sell them for 400-2000 creds each. I actually had a couple of items that sold for nearly 11k.

Apparently gaining credits becomes a little trivial after awhile so the higher ups pay well for lower end parts.

Now if only I could find the bank or figure out how to share creds between toons.

I also slipped in some time to play in the Mercenary type missions (PVP). I gave Control a go which I believe we won. You control locations and that gets you points, the first team to reach the cap wins the map.

The other one I tried was Payload (though I thought I had clicked Breach) where you have to escort a hovering bomb towards your opponents side. You have to stand close to it to make it move and it won’t move unless there are no enemies in the range of it. It moves along a set track so it’s not like Bombing Run in UT where someone can take an obscure path.

I had less success there than in Control.

The cash rewards and XP were actually better than the Special OPs missions. I didn’t notice any loot drops though so I bounced into some PVE missions to get some more materials to sell.

There doesn’t seem to be very many Medics in the Mercenary missions while there did seem to be a lot of Robotics, Recon and Assault types. That made me wonder if I shouldn’t focus more on the Medic.



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