I Am Proud.

My youngest (LittleLittleOgre) apparently did really well on his report card. No negative marks, everything is advancing as expected except two areas where he is developing beyond expectations.

A quick note about my youngest, he turned four about a half a month into junior kindergarten. He’ll be turning five half a month into senior kindergarten later this year.

Not following?

He would.

He was three when he started kindergarten. He’s not even five yet. He’s developing as expected for a kid a year older and exceeding in two of those areas.

If I had to guess, it’d likely be reading and either art or French. He absolutely floors me when I see him reading stuff. I know, I know… every parent thinks their kid is a genius. I’m not saying that, I’m just stunned by how well he reads given his age.

I first realized he was above average in reading when we were at the dentist six months ago. He picked up a Blue’s Clue book and wanted to read it. I hate to admit I groaned inwardly because it had more text than a simple sentence per page – not the typical book I was expecting. There were about two sentences per page with some little instructions on what to do on the page (each page was incomplete).

He cuddled up in my lap and opened the book. I took a breath and before I could start reading he was starting the first page. I couldn’t believe it! He didn’t stumble on the words I thought he would and several of them were pretty big (four or five syllables).

This was the first time he saw this book as it was at the dentist’s office, this wasn’t a story he heard over and over so it wasn’t from memory.

Completely blew me away.

Just yesterday he was showing me his one of his workbooks from class. It was all about drawing self-portraits, writing letters and the sounds the letters make. The readers he was coming home with were all really simple things; one sentence with a picture that pretty much told them what to say (i.e. a book called “I Like…” with pages that had a picture of a cat and the sentence, “I like cats.”).

I’m really not sure where he picked up how to read like he does. Yes, it’s from my side of the family, I was reading novels and by eight years old, including Tolkien while TheWife doesn’t read so much as a magazine – she knows how, just doesn’t like to.

Oh, TheWife just confirmed what he got the Beyond Expectations marks in – reading English AND French!


My oldest (LittleBigOgre) reads really well too, but he’s mainly shown growth in that area now. He was above the expectations when he was in Kindergarten but he was the appropriate age. He’s currently reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid and is almost done.

He surprised me yesterday when we were at the baseball field. We bought a wooden t-ball bat on the weekend – no t-ball stand. I was pitching to him (underhand) for the first time and he was nailing the ball four out of five times. I ended up having him turn around so he was facing the cage because I was getting tired of chasing the ball (it was just the two of us).

No worries, I did not lose any teeth and the boys were not damaged at all during this batting practice.

Though I did bag myself with the mit after TheWife showed up to play too.

That hurt.

I’m looking forward to seeing their report cards.

UPDATE: Because I know you all care. The big guy had eight ‘A’s and six ‘B’s while the little guy actually had four ‘Beyond Expectations’ including awareness of his surroundings and group interactions (a future raider for sure!).

TheWife made a deal with the big guy, 5$ per A so she’s going to have to fork over 40$. hehe


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