Assault, Robotics, Medic and Recon – Oh My!

I had a weird night. I was dead tired and crashed around 7:30pm. The kids woke me up at 9:30pm when they snuck into my bed and asked to help finish reading a book. Poking and pinching and pushing and punching ensued.

Little buggers.

I chased them off to their rooms then headed downstairs to see what the wife was up to.

She was watching crap (America’s Got Talent… indeed).

The little buggers came downstairs again. We chased them back up to bed. The big guy snuck back into my room – at this point I was trying to read and fall asleep. No luck. He crashed pretty quickly though.

The wife came to bed so I moved the big guy to his room and crawled back into bed.

Couldn’t sleep. Damn it. I was now wide awake and somewhat rejuvenated with having had two hours sleep.

So I went downstairs. Hopped onto WoW, did my daily transmutation (Blizzard, you need to separate gems and eternals onto different timers), did my JC daily and considered running a random. I didn’t have it in me so I logged.

Popped into Global Agenda for a little and balked at the loading screen I looked at the characters. What to play?

Assault? Meh, not self-sufficient enough.

Robotics? Really powerful, lots of choices and great survivability but, according to the GA Forums, it’s the choice of unskilled players.

Medic? I figured I’d dust this off, see if I can get him to 10th so I can run some Mercenary (PVP) missions. Maybe if I play a useful healer it’ll go easier.

I almost bailed on the class after the first couple of Special OPs PUGs. Seems people think they’re invulnerable when a Medic is in the group. I’ve got news for you, I can only target one of you ‘tards so stop rushing through thinking I’m going to keep you alive.

I managed to make it to 10 and fired up a Breach type game (where you have to advance from point to point while the other team defends). I got a Payload game type.


I think the UI is a little misleading. There seems to be a check box for each of the game types or something. I guess I queued for the first one that came up because I selected Breach (it was highlighted) then clicked Join.

Either way, the other team had a better grip on how to play Payload so it felt sort of like Breach and we were a poor defense. I have to admit, I felt a little more useful than I did with the Robotics guy.

I started feeling selfish.

Recon? Yeah, I’m going to give it a shot. Played that one through a few Mercenary missions PUGs. Got some cash worked out. Got the ‘sniper’ rifle and started using that weapon.


It can only be fired while viewing through the scope but it does worthy damage. I like. I’m just short of 10, picked up the Decoy offhand device (creates a second me that taunts targets).

Damn. It’s 2am.

Head upstairs, grab a book. About 3am now and I finally fall asleep.

6am TheWife wakes me up saying, “Look at the raccoon family in our backyard!” A big fat momma raccoon and two little ones and rooting around in the grass looking for grubs (I’m guessing). That or they’re little robots built by the local lawn care company and they’re actually planting grubs so we’ll have to buy the latest ‘grub control’.

Oddly enough, I feel better than I did the last couple of days. Despite the paranoia about robotic raccoons.


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