Companion Characters and Advanced Class…

This stuff for SW:ToR sounds a fair bit like what was done for Mass Effect 2.

Not a bad idea overall and it’s a clever way for them to inject content over time. They can patch in missions or quests or whatever and use these ‘companions’ as a vehicle for making that content accessible.

If done right, it can help tailor that content to a player if they make which companions you have a matter of choice or result of how you choose to play.

I just wonder how it will work in the gameplay (combat or social)? Are people going to be running around town with the same companions sort of like Wizard 101? Or are they going to be tucked away in your own ship and only taken out for some sort of solo instance?

What happens when everyone seems to have the same companions? Is one companion going to offer better benefits than another? Are people going to feel cheated about missing out on one or the other (if that’s how it is going to work)?

It’s an interesting idea. I wonder how the masses will abuse it or complain about it?

The Advanced Class system sounds a little like the Prestige Class system in D&D 3e, which shouldn’t be too much of a surprise as KOTOR was based on the d20 version of Star Wars RPG. It only makes sense to carry this forward to TOR.

Main difference appears to be that Prestige Classes were optional while these advanced classes seem to be branching your character towards one role over another (somewhat like in 4e D&D).

I don’t believe this will work like WoW does. There appears to be a core ‘talent’ tree then two others based on the Advanced Class you pick.

Again, interesting. I wonder if re-specing will be available or not?


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