Buh Bye Coffee…

I’m going to try to cut out coffee (and caffeine) consumption.


I drink a lot of it during the week, but next to none on the weekend or when I’m on vacation. I suspect that makes me hit caffeine withdrawal on the weekend or when I’m on vacation.

I get headaches.
I am overly tired even though I sleep well.
I get surly and the ‘blehs’.
I get muscle aches.

Stuff like that. I’m going to cut it out as much as possible (some things likely contain caffeine that I’m not aware of) for a couple of weeks. From what I read, it should take about 9 days to clear it all out of my system so I should be good next Tuesday or Wednesday.

(BTW, this is in place of what was going to be a typical, “I’m Bored” post. I am bored though. I’m so bored, I’m tempted to level another 80… only I’m bored of Alliance side so I was thinking Horde side. Only none of the classes I don’t already have 80s for appeal to me so I’m thinking a Horde Hunter. That’ll be my third or fourth Hunter played. How boring is that? Maybe I’ll try a Warlock again… or just level my Mage. Or there is always my Druid. Maybe I’ll just go lay down for a bit….zzzz…. *snort*…zzzZZZZZzzzz….)


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