Good Question…

Tobold asks a question, “How much gear do you need?

Good question, something I’ve been asking myself a lot lately… okay, not so much lately because I now have just about everything for my Hunter that I could want outside of the 25 man Lich King weapons.


I’ve got five pieces of T10 gear, four of those are sanctified (upgraded). I’ve got the equivalent to T10 pieces in all the other slots. I’ve got a nifty bow (one of the best outside of the crossbow from LK 25), oodles of trinkets, etc.

Smaken is geared to the hilt and is capped in his professions (Cooking, First Aid, Engineering and Jewelcrafitng – Fishing was getting there).

And I’m sort of bored. I have little else to work for with him other than actually getting a LK kill. I have no desire to go out of my way to farm rep. I don’t have any desire to run dailies. I think about the only goal I have at the moment is to get a mechno-hog mount through my Engineering skill but even that is just a time sink in farming or playing the Auction House.

Why am I sticking around?

Mainly so others can get theirs too and to see the LK go down.

My play time has diminished a lot. I’m far less active on there even though I could easily gear up some of my alts.

Lannister sits somewhere between T9 and T10 with his Ret gear and is a little closer to T9 than T10 with his Prot gear – I’ve tanked through to Plague Quarter with him on alt night. Also capped in his professions (First Aid, Cooking, Fishing, Blacksmithing and Mining).

Deleciel sits somewhere between T8 and T9 for gear – focusing mainly on Holy spec for her. There is a fair bit of room for improvement for her but I’ve no motivation given that I’m not going to raid. She’s not capped on skills, I put them on hold for now (Herbalism and Inscription).

Kremus sits just before Naxx gear (T7) since I haven’t taken much time to run him through heroics. His main professions are maxed though (Enchanting and Alchemy).

Back to Tobold’s question.

You need as much loot as you want to have or to enable you to do what you want with a character in a given game.

Your millage will vary depending on what you want from a given MMO.


One thought on “Good Question…

  1. I think by just asking the question you’re doing a disservice. It’s a game. You get gear to have fun, because it’s another way to get a virtual DING. Once you don’t get joy from whatever you’re doing, you stop.

    There’s no point in gearing up your priest because she’ll never raid, but there’s no point to playing WoW in the first place.

    It’s a game, imo, to me.

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