The Unpopular Kid…

Oddly enough, Tim threw this CNN article at me a few minutes ago (it was on fire and stuffed into a bottle with alcohol) so I took a quick read of it. It got me thinking, some of those points actually apply to this blog.

“Your blog is a spaz,” totally applies. I’m all over the place though mainly focused on games, what’s going on in my life or some of my opinions. Over the last little while I’ve only been playing WoW so that has been my focus. That and D&D. And coffee. Okay, so I have no focus.

I guess that means I’m a spaz. I can’t say I’m surprised, I’ve been living with myself for 35 years now. Being a spaz isn’t something that just creeps up on you, it’s not sneaky enough to do that. Tables, chairs, walls, doors and other inanimate objects with sharp edges or pointy corners might though.

“Your blog is a loner,” wasn’t really true a little while ago. I was part of a gaming blog community for a bit there. It was more of an unofficial membership though. I think I’m still on the blogroll’s of some other gaming bloggers out there… even if they don’t seem to post here anymore. Of course, some of those bloggers I mentioned still have retired blogs on their blogroll so it could mean they just haven’t gotten around to removing me from their blogroll yet.

“Your blog is funny looking,” could apply I guess. The look is dated. It’s an old WordPress template that hasn’t really been customized other than the banner image. It’s also fairly commonly used one. I suppose I could update it with all the latest bells and whistles, maybe even get some webhosting or something instead of using freebie stuff. That’d be too much like work, though.

“Your blog is shy,” makes references to hoping that you’re a diamond in the rough – I’m sure most bloggers have this feeling tucked away. “If I write it, they will come!” I’m well aware I’m not the best writer out there but I’m not that horrible. I’ve never really been a big stats guy. I peek at the views and note some of the more popular titles that get hits and try not to do that again in the future, but that’s about it.

“Your blog is rude.” YES! This point goes on about loners wishing they could be the class clown. Truth is, I was never the class clown. I was the good quiet kid that sat in the back of the class because the teacher wasn’t worried that they’d cause trouble and they didn’t need the attention other students did. It suggests making a point ‘whilst causing a disturbance’. I admit, I have become a bit of a guild clown or at least I was until Tim came back to WoW and joined us again. It’s an endeavor that actually brings me more enjoyment than downing new bosses. I try to walk the line between crass, rude but non-offensively funny.

Thank you for all those points, I do think they’re pretty valid points if you want to be popular. I took stock of some of the blogs I frequent to see where they measured up and the more popular ones definitely seem to follow a lot of these guidelines.

I’m going to try harder to take this little place that is my escape from conformity and conform to what you think a blog should be.

… and they say sarcasm doesn’t come across well with text.

I’ve said well over four years ago when I started blogging – this blog is about whatever I want it to be about at the time I am able to spare some minutes to rattle away at the keyboard.

If you like it or get a laugh? Cool. If you don’t like it or disagree? Cool too.

But this blog is for me, not you.


4 thoughts on “The Unpopular Kid…

  1. >> But this blog is for me, not you.

    I concurp.

    Kind of like your mom is for me and not for you.

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