Starcraft 2 Owns Me…

They made a lot of good little changes to the campaign mode and I got trapped in the “Just One More Level” mindset. It’s pretty genius even if there are all sort of similarities between it and Warhammer 40K and even Mass Effect to some degree.

They made a (semi) RPG RTS with their single player campaign. Each crew member has a bit piece to say here or there and that leads you to a mission. You get credits (money) for completing missions which you can use to upgrade your units, vehicles or buildings. Also there is a Alien Tech Tree for Protoss and Zerg that lets you pick between one ability and the other (on each of the trees) as you discover more and more about the different alien races.

I won’t get into too much detail but, good stuff Blizzard.

Joke Is On Me…

Several months back when Batman: Arkham Asylum came out I picked it up and played it pretty hard for a couple of sessions when I got to a point where the game appeared to crap out and restart. Batman was walking down the hall and suddenly the screen went to shit and restart of the game.

So I reloaded the game, same thing.

Checked the disc, no scratches.

Turned off the system and let it cool down, trying again the next day, same deal.

I ended up deleting the local content it installs and had it reinstall that.

No luck.

So I shelved it.

Recently, I picked it back up and tried playing through again – holding my breathe at that part of the game.

Same shit.

Wait a sec. The moon has Scarecrow’s face instead of the Bat. Joker is driving instead of Batman?

Ah crap! It was a Scarecrow level that wasn’t as obvious as the previous ones.

Good times.

Game done. All the riddles solved and the Riddler put away. Joker and all the others were thoroughly spanked. All in all, it was a really short game – but still a lot of fun.

For those of you that played the game through and heard me describe my woes without telling me that it was part of the game?

I hate you. You’ll get yours… oh yes… yes you will! MOUAHAHAHAAHAHAA!

On a serious note, that game made me want to subscribe to the Batman comic. I’m sure the boys would love it too… at least the non-graphic novel stuff (though they’d prolly like that too).

38 Studios MMO…

A friend just IMed me this (yes, people still use IMs in the era of Twitter) and I have to admit it was sort of off the radar for awhile. It might not be news to some of you.

We are thrilled to reveal our first title, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, previously referred to as Project Mercury! Scheduled for release in fall of 2011, Reckoning is an epic, open-world, single-player RPG set in Amalur, a mysterious and magical new fantasy setting.

38 Studios also notes that a video will be released on the website for this game sometime tomorrow.

Not much to see at the Kingdoms of Amalur – Reckoning site just yet. Really.

Dear Curt (or Steve or Ryan),

If you want a beta tester, I’m willing, very experienced in testing with over 13 years with various types of testing; white/black-box, security, performance, including automation – I’m currently a lead and I’m really missing the testing aspect. I’m also totally bored with what I’m playing now which means I could easily dedicate 20+ hours a week to it.

Think about it. Part time hours of a professional tester… for FREE!

Help me by letting me help you!


EDIT: Added emphasis in the quote. In case people assumed this was the MMO… for which my offer also stands.

Dear WoW Account Phishing Lists,

Dear WoW Account Phishing Lists,

Please be sure to update my email which I use for my WoW Account because I have changed it and I wouldn’t want to miss any of your phishing attempt emails.

The new email address, which is now in use for my WoW Account, is: fuckyou@gotohell.fu.

By the way, most of your attempts at phishing get filtered into the spam folder anyway. Can you do something about that because I worry I might miss them.



Bleeding Eyes…

Sounds sort of like a guild/tribe name for Warhammer Orks, right? It might be, but it’s also how my eyes are feeling.

Damn, do I need a change.

I think I need to travel somewhere and get absolutely hammered.

But mostly, I think I need a change.

Nose Meet Grindstone…

Back to work for this week then off again.

No I didn’t change the locks.

The weekend of freedom was a bit unexciting, it really was only one full day on my own since the wife and kids were back right around lunch time on Sunday.

The rest of the week I was off with the kids while the wife was working. Pretty unexciting until LittleBigOgre’s birthday.

After he did his ‘treasure hunt’ for presents (he wants to do that every year),I spent most of that day building Lego with him. YAAARRRGH! It was a whole lot of Pirate Lego stuff.

I got a head cold around Thursday or so. Still fighting it.

TheWife Goes BOOM!

My Weekend of Freedom is starting soon. TheWife asked if I’ll miss her, I said, “Yes, a little. Will you miss me?”

“I might a little. But if I do, I’ll just go to an internet cafe and stare at the back of some guy’s head and it’ll be just like home.”

Score one for her.

Wonder how many points I’d score if I got the locks to the house changed?