I Won’t Lie, I’m Bored…

While I’m excited for some of the things Blizzard is planning on doing for Cataclysm, I can’t help but be reminded that Cataclysm will likely be out sometime next year… likely in the summer. If I’m lucky. So I sit here wondering if I should log into WoW and if I do, what can I do? And I still have about a year to go.

At the moment there are only a couple of things that I want to do in WoW.

  1. Raid ICC 10 with a mix of hard modes… again.
  2. Raid ICC 25 and hope we have the people with enough skill (which is really just knowing, being aware and doing) to take down LK… again.
  3. Try to gather up some money to buy the materials for an engineered motorcycle – which involves farming.
  4. Try to get some achievements in Heroics – I find achievements somewhat unrewarding; there is a sound, you get awarded some points that do nothing and that’s about it.
  5. Try to get my TBC and vanilla WoW reps up to Exalted – which involves farming.
  6. Help my family run some dungeons.
  7. Level some alts; I have four level 80s and a couple floating in the 60s.

Really only the raids and running dungeons with the family are all that fun lately. And the raids are only fun when people aren’t being so serious. Unfortunately, due to some churn we’ve had to pick up new people which are good people but they’re learning the fights and horsing around doesn’t help them any.

I do it anyway. Inject a little humor or comment here or there… unless it’s getting really late and I’m tired.

Dungeons have come to a bit of a stand still. It’s hard to trio the dungeons with the family. The newer WotLK dungeons have a few points in them where they really test working as a team. You sort of forget that when you’re wearing all T10 with four Sanctified pieces, best in slot trinkets, etc.

The BIL isn’t too keen on PUGs – very first one and someone was a complete asshole. It turned him off immediately. The guild he was in was inactive for a bit but apparently people have returned so hopefully they can pull from there to fill in the ranks or get some guild runs going.

I’ll see how that goes for them.

For now?

I’m mucking around a little with a Troll Hunter over on a East Coast Server – no twinking – a little. It’s kind of fun not having anything and working my way up through quests and gear and not just rolling over everything.

I’ll raid and have fun.

I’ll do dungeons with the family if I can.


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