Bleeding Eyes…

Sounds sort of like a guild/tribe name for Warhammer Orks, right? It might be, but it’s also how my eyes are feeling.

Damn, do I need a change.

I think I need to travel somewhere and get absolutely hammered.

But mostly, I think I need a change.


2 thoughts on “Bleeding Eyes…

  1. Of undies? Of scenery? Of game?

    If it’s worse than that, then *hugs* — and go get some exercise. I’m not the fittest person around (hell no!) but I do know that doing something strenuous for a while really does help the blahs.

  2. Two of the above and I’m not saying which two.

    I feel a need of a change in subject matter at work. I’ve been working on the same sort of thing for about 13 years now with a few side projects thrown in. I’m moving more and more away from the labor side of things and more towards dealing with the shitty stuff (READ: management) and I don’t like it.

    Bit bored of the games I have at the moment. WoW has been somewhat unchanging for me for the last few months. Other games just don’t last. I still can’t bring myself to pick Dragon Age: Origins up again, let alone get into Awakening. I had some fun with Torchlight (demo) but not sure how long that will last. Played some Wizard 101 with both the boys last week, that was fun though they’re boys so soon enough they were going in different directions hehe.

    Nothing really new on TV, or at least nothing I’m really interested in aside from the odd documentary on treasure hunters, explorers or other countries.

    Oh, still off the caffeine. Actually feel pretty good, not nearly as drowsy in the morning though I’m still getting grumpy – though I think that has more to do with the mother-in-law than lack of caffeine. heh

    Exercise? Definitely a good suggestion.

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