I Owned Starcraft 2…

A couple of days ago actually, but I’m only getting around to writing about it now. What’s the short of it?


It was really cool, put together really well but way too short.

Now I realize they’re going for the Asian or “Professional Starcraft player” market by emphasizing the competitive/online side of it, but man… they put so much into the Terran campaign only to not have a Zerg or Protoss campaign?

Oh sure, there are a couple of missions where you get to play as the Protoss – I think 3 or 4 – but nothing compared to what the Terrans had set up.

Think what Quake 3 Arena was to the Quake franchise.

Bottom line?

Get it if you’re in the competitive ladders and online stuff. Also get it if you like short and engrossing single player gameplay that doesn’t last too long.

Did you know there was an achievement for beating the Campaign game in 8 hours?

But hey, I’m sure there will be downloadable content for expansions. You know, maybe get an actual Protoss campaign or Zerg campaign.


8 thoughts on “I Owned Starcraft 2…

  1. The campaign was almost 30 missions long. That’s the size of the entirety of SC1 (before Brood War).

    Starcraft 1 gave you 10 missions for each faction. SC2 gave you 30 missions for one faction. So really, they are about the same length.

  2. Odd, I don’t remember playing 30 missions – I suspect it’s actually less than that because there are some decisions which drop a couple of missions from the list. For example when you choose between Spectres and Ghosts or attacking the Zerg flier platforms or the worms.

    Also some of the missions were pretty damn short. Like the first Protoss one where you run through the zerg areas invisible to them (for the most part). Or some where you have to hold off the infested marines during the night and destroy the buildings during the day. Or the race to win over one of the mercs in a sector.

    All of it was good stuff and a nice variation from just having to build a base over and over, but it all just felt too short.

    It seemed like you got prep for Terran units and structures, very little prep with Protoss and nothing of the Zerg outside of what you faced off against.

    It was disappointing from the perspective of someone who just wants to play the single player campaign.

  3. Yeah, I mean there are some choices in there but overall, the game is only a few missions shorter than SC1. And while some missions are pretty short, so were half this missions in SC1. I would say that the game is pretty comparable in length honestly.

    Plus, there are achievements so you can go back and try the challenges. 😛

  4. I suppose I’m looking at it as though there was less single player content, which is actually true. Even if there were only 10 missions for the three factions in SC1, you still got to play three factions instead of one which means more variety/content rather than samey/content.

    Despite delivering a really good Terran Campaign, I was left wanting for a Protoss or even Zerg campaign which simply wasn’t there. I could only imagine how they would have done the Zerg campaign with all the mini-movies and interactions between missions.

    It’d be pretty sweet and open up/expose more people to the World of Starcraft… which they’d be crazy not to be working on. 🙂

  5. Well that’s what the two expansion are going to be for. Next will be the Zerg expansion and then it is going to end with the Protoss expansion.

    So in the end we will have 90 missions of content. I expect it will be about 12-18 months before the zerg expansion and another 12-18 months before the protoss expansion. I guess we’ll see though.

  6. Right. Gotta milk the cash cow. I just wish the portions were bigger.

    The more and more games I play lately, the more and more I realize I’m getting less and less out of them.

    Mass Effect 2 was another example. Great game, all sorts of cool story then it just ends. Really short game. Some of the DLC should have been in the box on release, imo.

  7. Mass Effect 2 was 40 hours. That’s hardly a short game. I was so happy when that game turned out to be 40 hours long. Most games are 5-10 hours nowadays.

  8. Maybe this is why I stopped playing non-MMOs?

    The game was long, but only if you chose to do all the side missions to gain the team members and gain their loyalty. Really, there were very few missions you actually had to do. And I found it sort of repetitive. I remember going through the Omega-4 Relay and expecting there to be more on that side to do, but there wasn’t much more than that single mission.

    Wanting more or finding something short (even though it says there is like 40 hours of gameplay) might not be a bad thing.

    But I’m still ticked there wasn’t a Protoss or Zerg campaign.

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