You Beat WoW, What Now?

JayeDub said:

Congrats! But now what are you going to do, you’ve beaten the game?

That’s a good question. I actually answered it in a post on the guild forums. Here’s a picture of that:

Now this isn’t the first time I’ve done this in guild so they knew better than to believe me. Inside that thread I simply ask for screenshots because I needed them for the guild news page. hehe

It got their attention, but they still haven’t delivered the screenshots I am asking for.

To answer the question honestly, I’ll keep on playing.


There is still Ruby Sanctum to try, I have yet to set foot in there. We’ve unlocked hard modes on 25 man which means more minor upgrades.

The family members I have playing recently hit level 80 and now they’re asking for help getting set up for heroics and possibly raiding so I’m giving them a hand with that. A little more than a hand. I’ve actually given them a guild I had created that was sitting around empty (it has a tabard, four bank slots and a website that is underway).

The guild they were in sort of disappeared over the several months they were in it and hasn’t quite resurfaced so they considered; rebuilding it, finding another one or creating one. They settled on trying to create one. They’re still sorting things out but they’re looking at making a casual/family type guild that may eventually raid. They’re hoping it will be a gathering place of casual, but active, players that want to advance and have fun.

It’s called The Iron Legion [ WoWArmory ] [ Guild Site ] and it’s on Rexxar.

Depending on what happens with Cataclysm raiding (10/25 having the same lock out and same loot might make some guilds splinter into 10 mans), I was considering running my own 10 man raid guild but since my family is looking for somewhere, they can have it. I might still see about tacking a 10 man raid team on there but that’ll be closer to Cataclysm and it will depend on what happens with Twisted Serenity.

I’m still working on my motorcycle. I need about 4k worth of parts to complete it. I was getting close but burned some cash helping my bro-in-law get kitted out for tanking and helping him get epic flying. That set me back about 2k. There is a bit of a wrench in that plan though.

My son (LittleBigOgre) decided he wanted to play WoW again so I started his subscription up again and actually got to play along with him a bit before the Lich King raid. I’m not sure how long he’ll last, but I suspect it could be most of the summer – maybe until Lego Universe (Lego MMO) comes out.

So there is the wrench in my motorcycle plans. LBO really wants one. REALLY. He was actually saving up all the gold he had in hopes of buying it. He was actually up to 1.3k when he left – that was from selling all the drops and quest stuff he couldn’t use to the vendor. These motorcycles run about 18k. But I’m close… so I’m tempted to give it to him because I know he’ll love it, while for me, it’s just another little toy.

I guess that means I should set a goal of getting two motorcycles. Maybe I’ll just ride in the side car of his motorcycle.

My son playing gives me another in game goal of helping him get to level 80 too. I actually asked him if he wanted me to help him by playing and leveling him while he’s in bed. He said, “No thanks, I want to do it myself.” He’s such a good little guy.

I am also looking at leveling my Mage up to 80, there is my Druid, my Rogue and my Warlock too. I may focus on the Warlock, but I’m not sure yet.

Oh, don’t know if I mentioned this, but my dad got my mom WoW for her birthday. He figured it’d be another vehicle of communicating with both my sister and me. They both like video games. I’ve actually mentioned my dad should try WoW, if anything he’d be all over the spreadsheets for DPS and play the Auction House for all it was worth.

So there is another possibly thing to do in game.

Good times all around.


3 thoughts on “You Beat WoW, What Now?

  1. Lol, I was really kidding, but it is good to know that there is still content to do even after taking out the Lich King. And I forgot about hard modes and the new Ruby Sanctum instance, so that should keep you busy for a bit till the expansion.

    I can see it now, ‘mom, stop being a noob!’.

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