Something About CMD…

I ran into some issues trying to run Battlefield 2 and the expansions. For some reason, it thought I hadn’t previously bought the game – which isn’t true. I bought it, Special Forces and the two expansions as well. The LittleBigOgre likes to play it and of all the shooter type games, this one is the least gory. In fact, there is no gore at all.

So I take a look and it appears EA is giving the expansion packs away for free with patch 1.50. I’ve got 1.41 installed so I start wondering if that is the issue so I download the 1.50 beast of a patch – 2 GB! I guess they included the expansions in there.

Download is done, I go to the folder to run it and get the busy cursor. I wait. Wait some more… wait. Finally I say screw it. Hit up the task manager and apparently there is a ‘consent’ process going. Weird, I don’t see a prompt? I know sometimes for really big files it takes a bit to show up.

It’s been more than a bit. I give it a reboot and try again with the same result.

On a whim, I fire up the Start menu, type ‘cmd’ into the Search/Run fields, right click on the ‘cmd’ item in the found list and select ‘Run as Administrator’. This means what ever I do in the command line has admin rights. I navigate to the download folder and call the patch exe that way.

Shit pops up right away. WTF?

I get one request for consent (I think it was the one I previously clicked on) and off the installer goes.

It always amazes me at the overhead a the GUI adds over top of simple system commands.

By the way, patch 1.50 fixed the issue and the LittleBigOgre is happily taking over the Great Wall of China.

Command line ftw.

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