My Poor Kids…

From the wife:

I’m off the first day of school so I can chase the boys with the camera

We had a talk the other day about first days of school and how kids sometimes don’t take it so well and others shoo their doting parents away. My kids take it really well but don’t quite shoo us away… yet. I suspect my oldest will this year but my youngest? He likes the attention. Parents are still cool.

I was okay with watching the kids get on the bus and following the bus to school to make sure they were fine last year because it was actually the first day of school ever for LittleLittleOgre . He was going into Junior Kindergarten at four years old. He was fine, but appreciated seeing us there. LittleBigOgre was going into grade one (actually a one/two split class) but he still sort of appreciated our being there.

During our talk, I told TheWife not to pester the kids on the first day of school every year. She said she was going to until they asked her not to anymore.

That means I’ll tell them to ask her not to chase them around with the camera.


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