PHB 2, PHB 3 and a New Set of Dice

I ordered all of the above online and it’s all new stuff from Wizards, 4e Dungeons and Dragons. I saw one of the books in a local comic store and was curious so I ordered it online (it was 22% off) and they should be arriving today. I think.

Of the three items, I’m looking forward to the dice the most so it figures that this is the one item that hasn’t shipped yet. The dice set comes with a dice bag which will be cool. I really need new dice too. I’ve got about five sets of dice and most of them fail me. I’m hoping if I bring in some new blood (or what ever the dice are going to be made from) the old ones will start behaving.

Of course, it’s not just my dice. Everyone’s dice have been horrible at our last few gaming sessions. One night we managed to get in two fairly simple (since we’re low level) combats because we couldn’t hit anyone and the bad guys couldn’t hit us either. It was like there was this great big dice oppressing cloud hanging in the air.

Well, there was a cloud in the air but that was due to the Battle of the Bowels which seems to spring up every couple of sessions.

Oh, who am I kidding? There are up to eight guys in a room together so “Stinking Cloud” gets cast fairly regularly – several times per session. Guys learn about the Fart Game young and they just never stop playing.

Back to the Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition books. The PHB 2 seems to contain “Primal” character class types. I only saw they listed the Druid and Barbarian so I have no idea what else is in there. The PHB 3 noted that it contains “Psionic” character class types… and the Monk. I am very curious about that one.

I have to say that Wizards set this system up very well to wring a profit out of their customers. Every time I think of it, I marvel at it. Good business sense.

I was also surprised to see all the extra accessories and modules. Lots of stuff out there.


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