New Goal!

After taking a month or so to put together the PWN MACHEEN, I was struggling to find a new goal with Smaken. I decided I’d work on reputation and see about getting some of the achievements I’m missing which should be pretty easy.

First up?

Honor Hold reputation. I was just sitting on the edge of being Revered so I decided to put my overpowered soloing class into action. I switch to Beastmastery, pulled out James (the bear) and entered Hellfire Ramparts on Heroic, since regular doesn’t get me faction anymore. Poor James met an untimely demise.

I’ve been spoiled with not having to heal my own pet and it’s been a long time since I’ve been leveling the Hunter. My bad. I adjust strategies and continued along with better success. Just when I was getting near the end of the dungeon a raid invite goes out to go pay Algalon (or is it Alganon?) a visit. I decline and let them know I’m almost done this dungeon then I’ll be right there. I finish the dungeon off and pop into raid.

This guy is still pretty damn tough – lots of healing required and being cautious about stuff but we got him down. I face-planted twice though. First time was just too much damage at one time but I got a rez and managed to stick around a little long but the second time I died was a star going off right in front of me sending me into a black hole where I was ill prepared.

I really need to move Deterrence to a better key.

The remaining raiders managed to finish him off. It was pretty close. I think we could have made it easier by running with more healers since we had more than the usual DPS for that fight (I was leading the pack between 9-10k DPS until I died).

Oh wait, that isn’t my goal. I’m sure you’re all dying to know what my new goal is?

Engineering Epic Flying Mount.

I had totally missed this mount because the recipe was tucked away in Shadowsomethingorrather Valley. I went and bought it so now I have to build it. It’s no where near as complicated or expensive as the motorcycle, but it’s still going to be a task. Aside from that, I’ll work on reputation grinding in the TBC factions. Maybe some of the old world stuff since it’s going to change soon… but I don’t know yet. There are a couple of dungeons I need to do from TBC as well.


  1. Vehicle
  2. Dungeons
  3. Reputation

On the side, I also got my Mage (Galiana) to level 70. It was a rainy weekend. She’s getting close to being able to make an epic magic carpet. Now I only need about 5k gold to buy her the epic flying! And Deleciel too!

Damn women, so expensive!

Blizzard needs to make a heirloom item for epic flying that is cheaper than 5k…


2 thoughts on “New Goal!

  1. The Epic Flying is better than the motorcycle. True story.

    And it’s much, much cheaper. Think it cost me like 500g.

  2. I almost have it done. I just need the Khorium Power Sources which are going to elude me for the next couple of months.

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