2.3 Billion Served!

I was poking around the WoW Armory and noticed there was some statistics available for my characters. I took a quick look at some of them and will highlight a few of them – some of them might be skewed because I did a server transfer and faction switch.


Creatures killed: 82,620
Creature type killed the most: Undead (30,483)
Critters killed: 5084


Total deaths: 0



Total damage done: 2,345,343,784
Total damage received: 161,341,992
Total healing received: 159,599,464

Healers missed healing me for about 1,742,528 damage – you know, roughly that exact amount.

Some of the same information from Lannister:


Creatures killed: 126,773
Creature type killed the most: Humanoid (48514)
Critters Killed: 4636


Total deaths: 488


Total damage done: 1,485,181,715
Total damage received: 324,939,324
Total healing received: 332,909,248

I find the differences between the two quite significant. I’m actually surprised Lannister has killed more creatures than Smaken, yet Smaken has done much more damage. I’m not entirely convinced that data got lost with the transfer and switch, but I’m almost positive my PVP kill count was reset when I switched servers. It was awhile ago.

Now I did raid up into Ulduar with Lannister (not including TBC) then took over with Smaken from there. They have mostly the same raid kills, except Smaken hasn’t done a full Naxx 25 (or 10 for that matter).


I also added a RSS Feed widget to the left that will update with my latest achievements or kills.

Because they’re special.

Like all my readers.

Especially Tim and his mom.

Okay, just his mom.


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