WTB Khorium!

I took the family through Blackrock Spire (upper and lower) last night. They loved it even though we had out-leveled it and out-geared it by a fair margin. It is a really big and impressive dungeon, aside from Blackrock Depths, it’s my favorite one. We picked up a couple of the achievements, including LEEEEROY! which was something Smaken was missing.

Once that was done, I got back to farming the materials I need for my Engineering mount. Lannister found a great spot for acquiring Motes of Fire and then zipped around collecting the other materials (fel iron and adamantite). I have everything together except the Khorium Power Cores.

I have yet to see a Khorium node and I was up until 1 am looking around for them.

I did a little reading and there was talk that you could get Khorium Power Cores off a vendor in Area 52 so I’ve got Smaken camped out there. I’ll have to watch prices for Khorium and see if I can get the raw materials while I try out another place that is supposed to be good for Khorium.

I think I’m going to hold off on the rep grinding until I get the new (old) flying machine or maybe I’ll do some of that to get some cash together. Hmmm… that sounds like the better plan.

I still have a ton of dungeons (especially heroics) to do in TBC.

Once again, I find myself regretting that I didn’t start up with WoW and stick with it through all the years. I would have loved to have hit these places back when they meant something. Instead I just soloed up to the cap, being too chicken to run PUGs in dungeons.


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