Beastmastery ZZZzzzzz…..

I’ve been running around in Beastmastery spec on Smaken the last couple of days to level up my turtle pet since I want to hit some TBC instances (and heroic instances) solo. It’s taking quite a toll on me.

You see, I’ve been running Marksman since about ToC so several months now, and the rotation and key mappings have become second nature (except I have to find a better home for Deterrence). I’ve got 1-5 along the top of the keyboard, q, r, t, f, g, z, x, c and v all mapped to abilities of use. That doesn’t include melee (other than my Wing Clip+Raptor Strike+Disengage macro; thanks Garwulf for that one!) or any of my traps.

1 = Viper’s Sting
2 = Silencing Shot
3 = Chimera Shot
4 = Aimed Shot
5 = Arcane Shot
7 = Multi-shot
8 = Volley
q = Mark+pet attack macro (this also turns Growl or Cower on based in whether I’m in a group/raid or solo; also doesn’t send the pet in if I’m in a group/raid)
e = Kill Shot
r = Steady Shot
t = Feign Death
f = Disengage macro (this is usually my task button – things like Tranq Shot, Distracting Shot or other ones sometimes goes here)
g = (I push Disengage to this one when I have task shot in f)
z = Aspect of the Dragonhawk/Viper toggle
x = Misdirection macro (@focus, @target’s target, @target or @pet depending on which one is set)
c = Concussive Shot
v = Mend Pet

Lots of abilities, right?

Well, there could be some more on there too, like Deterrence, my FullPower! macro (fires all my cooldowns at once), Readiness, just Wing Clip, just Raptor Strike, Mongoose Bite, my Parachute Cloak and my Nitro Boots.

So switching to Beastmastery I find myself getting screwed up, hitting a bunch of keys out of habit/reflex/instinct/ritual that do nothing. You see, for Beastmastery (ooops, almost had a typo there “Breastmastery” – I’m always running that spec IRL) I have fewer active shots. Much fewer. And most of them can’t be done on the run.

Most of the mappings are the same except I don’t have Silencing Shot, Chimera Shot or Aimed Shot. It’s three fewer shots, but all three of those can be fired on the go and are instant shots. For BM I have Viper’s Sting, Arcane Shot, Multi-shot (if it’s not going to cause any trouble) and Steady Shot. I do get to add in Bestial Wrath and Intimidation, but they don’t seem as active since one is a buff with a fairly lengthy cooldown and the other is also a buff to your pet that will tell it to stun.

Right now BM spec is the easy-mode leveling and, well, Hunter spec where you don’t really see a lot of change in the abilities. I get that they want a simple spec, but they really could add some more to it for people that don’t want easy-mode but would still like more pet emphasis. Now if they had added in more pet control stuff, I might find it more interesting. Abilities that make your pet do stuff – Intimidation is a start. More please.

Some things off the top of my head? Give BM’s a “Sick ‘Em!” command that causes them to Charge like a Warrior does. “Pounce” type command that can be used to root someone in place or as a Sap of sorts? Just some ideas. Heck, I’d be fine with some of the tenacity abilities getting pushed over to BM Hunter abilities where the pet won’t automatically do it, the Hunter has to command them to.

Yes, I realize I can turn off the auto-cast for those abilities and macro them in, maybe I’ll do that, but it seems sort of artificial.

Needless to say, I found BM to be a bit boring. Still, I have to level the turtle up. I decided I’d work on some achievements I didn’t have on Smaken so I ran around Scholozar Basin doing the Henmet quests to get that achievement, but I was doing them without a weapon in hand to also get the “Did Someone Order a Knuckle Sandwich?” achievement – which I did get. Eventually I’ll work my way into getting the faction achievements with the two factions there – which also includes getting an extra one for having done both. I figure I’ll go Wolvar for the first bit, get that to Exalted, then flip to the Oracles and get that to Exalted so I get those two and the Basin Mercenary achievement. I’ll stay Oracles in hopes of getting a proto-drake from the egg.

I’ll also continue to run the lady frost giant daily in hopes of getting a white bear mount. I might as well continue the cooking, fishing and jewelcrafting ones too. Well, maybe not the fishing ones since I also got the achievement for that one yesterday. Maybe I’ll pop over and do the fishing and cooking ones in TBC too… or maybe I’ll just wait until I’m grinding rep there, since I’ll be in the area.

So much to do…


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