Father Son Weekend

TheWife took LittleLittleOgre camping with some friends leaving LittleBigOgre with me over the weekend. The plan?

Play lots of video games and order-in.

That was LBO’s plan. I compromised with him and agreed to the ordering-in part. We still got a fair bit of gaming in, but not all weekend long.

TheWife and LLO left on Friday around lunch time. I was working from home while LBO was playing downstairs on “Daddy’s computer”. I quoted that because they say that with reverence.

“I get to play on *dramatic pause* Daddy’s computer!”

He ended up playing Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare which was a game he’s completed before and so he completed again while I was working. Once I was done working (I think the wireless component of my router died because I wasn’t getting any connection from my laptop most of the way through the afternoon), I popped on, played a bit of WoW and played a little City of Heroes with him.

Friday’s supper menu was ordering in from St. Hubert. I had chicken and ribs combo while he had chicken and fries. The LBO was powered by V8 and yogurt drinks. We’re not keen on letting them drink pop since I try not to drink any pop either (I gave it up several years back because work provides us with free pop and I found myself drinking too much in one day).

Yes, but sitting in front of the computer all day and night was fine! It’s not something he gets to do often.

Saturday morning we woke up around 7am and got back to playing. I was working on some achievements/factions in TBC for Smaken while he was playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – continuing from where he left off several months ago when his mom decided she didn’t want him playing that. He beat it a couple of hours later (I helped him with two parts of different levels) and spent a little time running around in the museum.

I’m going to have to give that game a look.

Around noon we got cleaned up and went off to the mall. I was going to walk there (it’s about a 20 minute walk) since TheWife had the van, but LBO wanted to take the bus. I made a deal with him that if the bus didn’t come in five minutes, we’d walk because the buses were on a half-hour schedule. Just as I finished saying that, the bus appeared. We wandered around the mall a little, popped into the comic store where I bought him a box set of Pokemon cards (it was a tin that comes with four packs of cards and a bonus card). We then went up to the food court where we had New York Fries and he looked through the new cards he got.

We grabbed another bus on the way home but had to wait about 15 minutes. We got off at the stop near our local video store and wandered in to look for some movies to watch that evening. LBO picked up three Pokemon movies while I picked up two movies with a little more meat and depth to them: Furry Vengeance and The Spy Next Door.

We watched some of the Pokemon movies, I ordered pizza for us from Pizza Pizza which was delivered quickly and was pretty hot. Pizza Pizza isn’t the best pizza, but it’s decent enough and inexpensive but – more importantly – LBO loves it. After supper we watched Furry Vengeance which was about what you’d expect from a kids movie. They were trying to teach a lesson and – as seems to be a theme in kids movies lately – the Dad was at fault. We went to bed after that. LBO was pretty hyper – one second he was talking and making noises then nothing. He was out cold.

I was still awake so I wandered downstairs to give Dragon Age: Origins another shot. It had been awhile since I played it. I played for a little bit then stopped. I’m not sure why but I can’t seem to get back into that game.

We had another early morning. Wandered downstairs, had breakfast, played on the computer a bit more. I managed to get a few more achievements with WoW; exalted with Honor Hold, Ten Tabards, and some exploration achievements. Then had left over pizza for lunch. By then TheWife and LLO were home.

Good time. Next time they go camping, LBO says he wants to say home with me if I’m not going – he had a lot of fun.

They ended up playing outside, we looked at the camping pictures and then watched the other movie (The Spy Next Door) which was more enjoyable. Another movie where the dad looked bad, even if it was only mentioned in passing. The kids’ dad had abandoned the kids and run off even leaving his daughter from a previous marriage behind.

I’m starting to wonder about all these movies where the dad always seems to be in the wrong.


3 thoughts on “Father Son Weekend

  1. So, same ‘ole same ‘ole then 😉

    I would have been a lot more impressed if you had taken him to Calypso Waterpark or something similar 🙂

  2. Kind of hard to do without a vehicle.

    And it’s not the same ‘ole same ‘ole, you just think that’s what I do all weekend, and most weekends, you’d be right. :p

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