I Survived!

The LLO’s birthday party was on the weekend. He decided that he wanted to have the birthday party at a movie theatre. For the most part the kids were good, not all of them had their ears on, but for the most part, there were no nightmare stories to tell. But you’re reading this so I’ve got to give you something.

Ten kids. Nine boys and one girl. Three parents.

First kid bails when the movie starts, taking his parent with him. Okay, the parent knew he might be afraid and they were super helpful.

Nine kids. Eight boys and one girl. Two parents (me and TheWife).

TheWife says, “Good thing they’re mostly boys, guess you’re on bathroom duty!” The trips to the washroom begin.

The bathrooms are all the way at the front of the theatre and we’re at the farthest theatre from the entrance. Fortunately, they managed to contain themselves until they got to the washroom. Well, all except one – the LLO, I’ll get back to that. I must have made about 10 trips to the washroom, possibly more. Two of the trips were false alarms and I headed off a third false alarm.

Oh, if you’re ever a parent, teach your kid not to be a drawer dropper when using a urinal. For the sake of your kid and anyone else in the washroom. There was on drawer dropper – guys know what I’m talking about. Kid steps of to urinal, yanks his pants down… to his ankles. I don’t know how parents miss teaching their kids something as critical as that.

Okay, back to the LLO not making it to the washroom. What happened?

“I’m going to throw up,” says the LLO from the seat furthest from the aisle – apparently, he ate too much. He does the sideways shuffle past his friends and mom then we rush up the aisle. He stops at the trash can by the door and HEAVE HO! Off he goes.

Not once.

Not twice.

Not thrice.

Four times.

I was trying to get him to go out to the washroom but I guess the garbage can would have to do. I feel for the kid that is going to have to change that can. I took comfort in the fact that the movie was loud and figured no one would hear the LLO puking. I was wrong, TheWife informed me that he could be heard throughout the theatre.

Ah well. Give your mom a kiss, LLO… there’s a good boy.

It’s amazing to think about it, but a lot of the kids were having either seeing their first movie or their first movie birthday party. In the end, kids were happy, had a good time, some didn’t like the movie (can’t blame them) while others did and everyone was delivered safely back to their parents.

I’m dead tired.

Civilization V Lawsuit

I’m suing the makers of Civ V in hopes that they’ll return my Saturday to me.

I bought it Friday night on Steam, downloaded it, installed it Saturday morning and was completely unresponsive to external stimulation for the rest of the day.

I’ll take partial blame, I sort of knew what I was getting into from when I bought Civ IV and didn’t sleep for a day or so.

I’m addicted. The only way to save me and my family is to destroy the game!

After this next turn…

2010 TV Season Premieres (Part 2)

Last night was another TV night where I caught up on some recorded shows and watched some new ones.

I have to admit, I did enjoy Hawaii Five-O even if it was very predictable and it felt like the major characters were tossed together. It had a decent pace, some humor and a fair bit of action. Grace Park is also pretty damn hot, though I question how hard she can hit since she looks like she weighs 20 pounds. “Book’em Danno,” had to be said and it was. I’ll keep watching it, but I think it would have been better served with a two hour premiere rather than only one hour. Pretty good.

Big Bang Theory was pretty funny, though I was also a little intoxicated while watching it. Robotic arm/hand was too funny and very true to geek-nature (the whole waiting 30 minutes for a robot to unpack their take out and the other incident too). Sheldon was funny as usual, with some really big comments on Penny. Penny won in the end, good one. Good stuff.

The  Mentalist delivered what you’d expect from the show, they don’t end up following up with any Red John content but continued along solving crimes. Jane is a little hesitant to take up the case because he wants to get back onto looking for Red John and Ms. Frye. He seems distracted but didn’t appear to be unraveling as the previews implied. Some of the interactions with the other characters in the show was interesting, though they played minor roles. Cho got stuck with a melodramatic wife that was supposed to be grieving, Rigsby and VanPelt were following up other leads that weren’t as involved as usual, though Rigsby getting pepper sprayed by a prostitute was sort of funny. Good stuff.

<bleep> My Dad Says, which is based on Shit My Dad Says, was somewhat amusing. Some of the dialog was funny, though somewhat over the top (raccoon stuff). Some of it seemed sort of done before; grumpy old dad and a son pining for attention/approval. I’m not really sure how long they’re going to be able to run with it and keep it going. I’ll keep watching for a bit and see where it goes. Needs more sauce.

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Move Over, Old Timer

Some of the guys that played EQ with me and some other games often joke about how quick I am on clicking to loot stuff. They even go so far as to mention, “loot whore.” Fair enough.

In my defense, it’s not my fault the corpse dying animation takes longer to play out than it does for me to right click on it while I’m standing right there. I mean, I was in its face, it’s taking up most of my screen. It also isn’t my fault that the server messages sometimes came back in the wrong order:

Smaken has looted a Fine Steel Scimitar
Smaken has looted 2 gold and 5 silver.
The Orc Warrior has died.

In later MMOs it was a blessing, we’d kill stuff get the loot prompts and move on to the next group of mobs. Sure, sometimes the loot prompts would show up in the middle of a fight, blocking your view of what you were tanking or trying to target. That’s okay, it’ll still be there after you click your need, greed or pass choice… for the next five windows.

To be honest, I do that last bit specifically because people complained about the windows popping up. If the fight is a chump fight, I loot mid-battle. Usually not a problem… for me. Heals are covered, damage is coming, agro is held… I’ll just rummage through this corpse.

Well, I met my match.

Last night I caved and gifted a copy of Borderlands to the LBO so we could play together. He was sneaking onto my Steam account and playing mine here and there. He likes shooters. I figured at the discounted price, no worries, I’ll gift him a copy to his account and we can play together.

The kid loots faster than I can… and I was hosting!

Chests? Looted.
Trash piles? Looted.
Boss drops? Looted.

At least least he was leaving me the sniper rifle ammo… but none of the sniper rifles.

He’s such a good boy!

2010 TV Season Premieres (Part 1)

I didn’t get a chance to watch everything I wanted to watch last night, but I recorded a couple to watch when I get a chance. What I did watch was the tail end of House, Chuck and Castle.

Spoiler warning… maybe.

So House seems to becoming more and more of a drama and less and less of a medical, funny and shocking show. I used to watch House because I was eagerly awaiting the next outburst from House. I think the writers are running out of stuff. From what I saw, it was a whole lot of drama, not as much ha ha. House and his boss are finally admitting they’re in love, she’s crazy to want him in her life while she’s trying to raise a kid because he’s got all sorts of issues and 13 has taken off. Okay. Meh.

Chuck picks up where it left off, Chuck is looking for his mom who went missing when he was young. He always thought she walked out on them and couldn’t understand why until he discovered his dad’s secret base under their old house and learns his mom was also a spy. Morgan is going to help him out – and I think that might be the one redeeming feature of the show. By tossing Morgan into the mix of things, it’s almost like a reboot of Chuck in that you’ve got a geeky guy that is somewhat clueless trying to be a spy while the others around him are spies. As can be expected, there is the traditional slow motion bits of gorgeous women – it brought a tear to my eye. Buy More is rebuilt as a CIA/NSA front and base of operations. That should be interesting. Overall, I wasn’t feeling as awesome about this as I have been with other shows, I started to wonder if I was just tired and not in the mood for TV. Don’t get me wrong, I liked it. It was somewhat fun and good seeing Linda Hamilton kicking butt at the end. Does she also have an Intersec in her head or is she just that awesome? Not meh, but it didn’t have me laughing as much as older episodes did.

Castle was fantastic and made it clear that I wasn’t being grumpy with the other two, I just wasn’t feeling them as much. Even though there was drama in Castle, it was light hearted and humorous which is what I love about the show. I thought the parallel between his daughter’s boyfriend not calling when he got back from Europe and Castle’s similar behavior was clever – learning from his daughter. It stayed true to form, even raised a question again about Castle and his use of guns. He claims to be a bit of a noob when it comes to guns, but he’s shown in the past that he’s proficient (two part episode where that crazy guy was killing people and trying to get Beckett, Castle amazingly shoots the gun out of the gun’s hand then shrugs it off saying he was aiming for the guy’s head). Beckett also somehow manages to look even better. Overall I enjoyed the show. I caught the forged money about when they were going to reveal it but the tattoo ink part I missed until after the commercials hehe.

I’ll give House a look from the beginning but TheWife said it was pretty much back and forth about why they shouldn’t be together.

I also recorded Hawaii Five-O which I’ll trying to squeeze in at some point. I was too young to really remember that show, though the previews did interest me. How could you go wrong with Hawaii as a setting?

Edward is Creepy

When you think about it, really think about, Edward is sort of creepy.


Well, he’s something like 400 years old. In that time he’s been around the world, experienced all sorts of things, learned all sorts of things and matured a whole heck of a lot more than I would have in my 35 years (yes, I know he’s not real – bite me).

Now, imagine you had 400 years of experience and maturity… where would you go?

I know I certainly wouldn’t go hang out in a high school taking the same classes over and over where I’m surrounded by kids that are only barely scratching the surface of adulthood. Heck, I couldn’t imagine going back to high school at my current age of 35! That’d sort of be like hell to me.

Therefore, Edward is creepy.

Better Multitasker

I’ve heard this before but had it confirmed as recently as the weekend; women are better at multitasking.

I was farming rep over the weekend on Smaken and dragged my sister through some of the older instances – in this case it was the three around Coilfang. I figured two level 80 Beast Mastery Hunters shouldn’t have a problem in there… namely because I don’t have a problem in there on my own. Sure enough, I was right.

While playing the mishaps occurred were mostly my doing. Silly stuff like not realizing my Misdirect was on cool down because one of the little ogres were talking to me or asking me stuff. Nothing that caused death, just a little bit more work than is normally needed.

Then my sister gets a call, it’s from the BIL’s family overseas (we were on Skype and she didn’t mute her mic). I figured, okay, we’ll break here while she’s AFK on the phone. Naaah, I can solo this instance, so I’ll just keep going. So I did.

And she didn’t stop playing along side. She was easily moving along, sending the pet in, picking targets and shooting stuff while chatting away on the phone, even calling her kids over to talk to their relative. By chatting, I don’t mean my typical phone call while I’m on the computer which goes something like this:

TheWife: Hi! I’m just calling to let you know (something or rather, by this point I’ve tuned her out).
Me: Uh huh.
TheWife: (More stuff I’m not really listening to)
Me: Yeah.
TheWife: .. and then we’ll cut your testicles off.
Me: Very funny, I’m listening. (/lie)
TheWife: Okay, I was thinking we could (is she still talking?)
Me: That sounds good.
TheWife: You’re on the computer aren’t you?!
Me: Maybe.
TheWife: Okay, I’ll talk to you when you get home. *click*
Me: Okay, good luck with that. Oh she hung up.. *click*

No, my sister was having this in depth conversation about the kids, school starting and all sorts of other things. I mean a real conversation that involved paying attention to what the person was saying, listening to them, processing that information and responding in kind.

I almost Misdirected to her to see what would happen…

I’m Missing One of the Ms in MMO

A thought occurred to me the other day but I’m only getting around to posting about it now. I’m in a bit of a low as far as WoW is going and I started to wonder why that was. So I took a look at what I’ve been doing in it lately.

Soloing (TBC) instances for rep.
Auction house dance (fire up DK to transmute gem, send gem to Smaken, Smaken makes a gem, puts it on AH).
Mucking around with an Rogue on another server where a friend is playing, but not actually playing with said friend.
Screwing around, solo, on the PTR.

I’m clearly missing the Multiplayer aspect of MMO in more ways than one.

What was I doing while I was having fun with WoW?

I was raiding.
I was hitting up heroics with guildies.
I was running the odd daily.
I was chatting it up with guildies.

I think even while I was solo leveling one of my alts, I still had some fun with it because there was the social aspect of being able to chat and see chat in guild chat.

Not as much fun now, which makes me less enthusiastic about logging in and playing. Which leads to straying towards other games, games I know I don’t like, but might enjoy because  I have friends actively playing them.

Make sense?

And trying to fill this hole with some other game where I just play by myself ends up not satisfying me because I’m still missing out on that social aspect available in MMOs.

What to do?

PTR Here I Come!

I logged in for a bit last night and the guild roster was nearly empty. About three people on, including myself, and one of those was a new face. Very quiet. I noted the MOTD said raids were Wednesday (BLEH) and Thursday which means I won’t be raiding for awhile, unless I manage to pop in on Thursday. Though maybe there will be some stuff on the weekend?

So I took a look at the PTR to see what changes I could see. I started the download, which was a quick download to get you started, and got playing shortly thereafter. As was said in the comments, it will download the rest in the background.

It looked a little different, I adjusted my settings, setting them to max. Neat.

I looked to do the character copy, but that didn’t work – it was overloaded. I debated what to make and decided on recreating Fabinusar, Human Priest. I played for a little bit, getting him to Goldshire (about level 4 or 5?). The changes were neat enough. I liked that when you leveled you got to see what abilities you would be getting. I also liked that they integrated some of the features from various addons. The new spell/ability book is cool – it shows you the abilities you will be getting at which levels. I really should muck around with it some more to take a look at the talent tree changes.

One thing I noted was the water was missing in Elwyn Forest. I thought it was a change, but then I went into where it was and heard splashing. When I got to the deep end I started swimming in mid-air and ducking down deep the viewport changed to reflect I was in water, it just wasn’t apparent from above. I’ll chalk that up to resources still downloading and check it later on this week (I doubt I’ll have a chance to look at it tonight).

Later on in the evening I checked the Copy Character service and it was available again so I moved my four level 80s over to the US PVE server (where Fabinusar was created). There was some issues with logging back on there so I’ll check if the copy happened later. I’ll have to check into the whole pre-made character option – it might be cool to automatically gear the other three characters in ICC stuff and see how that plays out.

I guess I’ll be getting a leg up on the new mechanics.

Oh, I ran Lannister (my 80 Paladin) through the Gnomeregan event. I hadn’t planned to do that since I’ve done that even with Smaken, but I figured it’s an easy achievement. I might go back and do it with the Priest (…insert joke here…) and the DK later.

Later is likely Thursday or Friday.

Happy Birthday LLO!

The LittleLittleOgre turns five today!

I was up a little late wrapping presents for him. I’m horrible at wrapping presents, not sitcom horrible, but just bad. I don’t line up the pictures and some of the ends are uneven. I use too much paper and end up with a lot of little bits left over that can’t really be used for anything.

Like his big brother, the LLO wanted to have a scavenger hunt for his presents but I convinced him we can do the Hot/Cold game to find them instead. He wants to do everything his big brother does (which drives his big brother nuts) so much so, that it’s hard to tell what his actual interests are – he just seems to want the same stuff his brother does.

So around 5am he was up and wanting to go downstairs to watch TV. I asked if he’d rather go find his presents and off we went exploring all three floors of the house, playing the Hot/Cold game.

He is brilliant (reads better than kids a couple of grades above him) and sweet (always willing to help, share or even give things he really likes over to his friends or brother). He’s very creative (loves drawing and doing crafts – which is different from his big brother) and social (likes to act and needs to play with others).

With that in mind, we got him more generic Creator sets of Lego (including one big bucket of pieces), Lego board game (Lava Dragon?), Mini Pops 7 CD, Marvel Alliance 2 (apparently allows for four players and it’s SUPERHEROES!) for the PS3 and we’re redecorating his bedroom to be a “big boy room” which entails removing all the toy car/truck decorations and replacing them with Transformers stuff (bed set, curtains, wall stickers, borders, pillows and a sleeping bag). Oh and Pokemon cards because his big brother is into that so he needs some too.

Personally, I think the big bucket of Creator Lego is a better buy than some of the sets I’ve bought for LBO in the past. While those were big and resulted in really cool things, they really only were intended for that one design. The Creator kit allows LLO to be more creative and build things he wants.

This means I’ll be building Lego, playing board games or PS3 tonight while listening to Mini Pops 7.