Feeling Old?

I am.

It sort of crept up on me. Of course, the wife telling me, “Did you know Back to the Future is 25 years old?” on the way into work this morning didn’t help.

But there have been other signs. Awhile back I posted about having to interview University students for co-op/intern positions where I work. That was quite a shock.

Lately, some fellow gamers have been making me feel old. In the TS forums there are some folks that are diving into the hype of the latest craze – currently that’s Guild Wars 2. Apparently, this is the MMO to save us all.

I’ve been there before, leading the charge to the next greatest MMO and trying to win people over to my thinking.

Now? I’m not buying it. I’m going to wait and see how things are on release then a little while after release. So I sit here looking at this youthful enthusiasm and can’t help but shake my head at it and remember when I was so enthusiastic about the next savior of MMOs… Vanguard.

Not that I’m saying GW2 will be VG, I’m just saying developers, PR guys and hype generators are always going to say the right things and make you focus on the positive which won’t necessarily be what is delivered… but you know, they wanted to implement that, it just didn’t fit in or they’re still working on it to get it right.

True story.

Yeah, yeah. You’ve heard that before but it’s true. As evidence I offer up Aion and the fact that I didn’t follow the lemmings to that game. I also did not purchase Champions Online or Allods or what ever other MMOs have come out since. I’m getting old and had developed thicker skin towards hype. I’m even a little turned off of SW:TOR.

What am I looking forward to? Lego Universe. Because my son wants to play it.

I have kids who are playing online games.


I am old.

But I’m still younger than some of you old farts so, neener neener!


4 thoughts on “Feeling Old?

  1. Actually Lego Universe is entertaining. It could be that I am old, and remember building legos as a kid alot along with tinker toys, and lincoln logs. I am having a fun time with Lego Universe, and just decided to move to gnarled forest, and being addicted to the race track for several days.

  2. I meant to grill you about that since I saw in your PAX posting you checked it out.

    My kids are at the Lego age so I’m back to playing with Lego quite a lot. My son saw Lego Universe in his Lego magazine and asked to get it. I’d rather play that than City of Heroes – sorry Cryptic!

  3. Unfortunately, Lego Universe is REALLY lacking on content. I beat all the content in the game in under 15 hours (not counting the achievements that require you to grind hundreds of enemies). But I completed every quest currently in the game in that time. After launch, just playing an hour a night, people will have the game completed in two weeks.

  4. I did read that somewhere (might have been from something you wrote). I’m not too worried about it because my son won’t be playing it all that much. He tends to play a game for an hour here or there, maybe a couple of hours per week.

    As a point of reference, he’s been playing Wizard 101 on and off since it was released. He’s still in the sand/sphinx area. Now he’s beat Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2, but those tend to be more straight forward, leading by the nose type of games. Every time you play it, it’s going to be the same – less so with MMO type games.

    I’ll keep it in mind though, and maybe only buy one copy for him to play rather than two because I was going to play it along side him. Maybe they’ll have a trial version?

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