Happy Birthday LLO!

The LittleLittleOgre turns five today!

I was up a little late wrapping presents for him. I’m horrible at wrapping presents, not sitcom horrible, but just bad. I don’t line up the pictures and some of the ends are uneven. I use too much paper and end up with a lot of little bits left over that can’t really be used for anything.

Like his big brother, the LLO wanted to have a scavenger hunt for his presents but I convinced him we can do the Hot/Cold game to find them instead. He wants to do everything his big brother does (which drives his big brother nuts) so much so, that it’s hard to tell what his actual interests are – he just seems to want the same stuff his brother does.

So around 5am he was up and wanting to go downstairs to watch TV. I asked if he’d rather go find his presents and off we went exploring all three floors of the house, playing the Hot/Cold game.

He is brilliant (reads better than kids a couple of grades above him) and sweet (always willing to help, share or even give things he really likes over to his friends or brother). He’s very creative (loves drawing and doing crafts – which is different from his big brother) and social (likes to act and needs to play with others).

With that in mind, we got him more generic Creator sets of Lego (including one big bucket of pieces), Lego board game (Lava Dragon?), Mini Pops 7 CD, Marvel Alliance 2 (apparently allows for four players and it’s SUPERHEROES!) for the PS3 and we’re redecorating his bedroom to be a “big boy room” which entails removing all the toy car/truck decorations and replacing them with Transformers stuff (bed set, curtains, wall stickers, borders, pillows and a sleeping bag). Oh and Pokemon cards because his big brother is into that so he needs some too.

Personally, I think the big bucket of Creator Lego is a better buy than some of the sets I’ve bought for LBO in the past. While those were big and resulted in really cool things, they really only were intended for that one design. The Creator kit allows LLO to be more creative and build things he wants.

This means I’ll be building Lego, playing board games or PS3 tonight while listening to Mini Pops 7.



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