PTR Here I Come!

I logged in for a bit last night and the guild roster was nearly empty. About three people on, including myself, and one of those was a new face. Very quiet. I noted the MOTD said raids were Wednesday (BLEH) and Thursday which means I won’t be raiding for awhile, unless I manage to pop in on Thursday. Though maybe there will be some stuff on the weekend?

So I took a look at the PTR to see what changes I could see. I started the download, which was a quick download to get you started, and got playing shortly thereafter. As was said in the comments, it will download the rest in the background.

It looked a little different, I adjusted my settings, setting them to max. Neat.

I looked to do the character copy, but that didn’t work – it was overloaded. I debated what to make and decided on recreating Fabinusar, Human Priest. I played for a little bit, getting him to Goldshire (about level 4 or 5?). The changes were neat enough. I liked that when you leveled you got to see what abilities you would be getting. I also liked that they integrated some of the features from various addons. The new spell/ability book is cool – it shows you the abilities you will be getting at which levels. I really should muck around with it some more to take a look at the talent tree changes.

One thing I noted was the water was missing in Elwyn Forest. I thought it was a change, but then I went into where it was and heard splashing. When I got to the deep end I started swimming in mid-air and ducking down deep the viewport changed to reflect I was in water, it just wasn’t apparent from above. I’ll chalk that up to resources still downloading and check it later on this week (I doubt I’ll have a chance to look at it tonight).

Later on in the evening I checked the Copy Character service and it was available again so I moved my four level 80s over to the US PVE server (where Fabinusar was created). There was some issues with logging back on there so I’ll check if the copy happened later. I’ll have to check into the whole pre-made character option – it might be cool to automatically gear the other three characters in ICC stuff and see how that plays out.

I guess I’ll be getting a leg up on the new mechanics.

Oh, I ran Lannister (my 80 Paladin) through the Gnomeregan event. I hadn’t planned to do that since I’ve done that even with Smaken, but I figured it’s an easy achievement. I might go back and do it with the Priest (…insert joke here…) and the DK later.

Later is likely Thursday or Friday.


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