I’m Missing One of the Ms in MMO

A thought occurred to me the other day but I’m only getting around to posting about it now. I’m in a bit of a low as far as WoW is going and I started to wonder why that was. So I took a look at what I’ve been doing in it lately.

Soloing (TBC) instances for rep.
Auction house dance (fire up DK to transmute gem, send gem to Smaken, Smaken makes a gem, puts it on AH).
Mucking around with an Rogue on another server where a friend is playing, but not actually playing with said friend.
Screwing around, solo, on the PTR.

I’m clearly missing the Multiplayer aspect of MMO in more ways than one.

What was I doing while I was having fun with WoW?

I was raiding.
I was hitting up heroics with guildies.
I was running the odd daily.
I was chatting it up with guildies.

I think even while I was solo leveling one of my alts, I still had some fun with it because there was the social aspect of being able to chat and see chat in guild chat.

Not as much fun now, which makes me less enthusiastic about logging in and playing. Which leads to straying towards other games, games I know I don’t like, but might enjoy because  I have friends actively playing them.

Make sense?

And trying to fill this hole with some other game where I just play by myself ends up not satisfying me because I’m still missing out on that social aspect available in MMOs.

What to do?


6 thoughts on “I’m Missing One of the Ms in MMO

  1. To me, that’s why I quit playing WoW, to me.

    Even when I was playing with guild it didn’t feel like I fit in. It didn’t feel like a group of friends, just a group.

  2. I was wondering whether it was the Massive or the Multiplayer you were missing.
    It’s the multiplayer, okay, hehe.
    I need to balance of solo and social play myself, and i can see how a lack of one of them can feel like one is missing out.

    Engaging in a guild activity or setting one up might be an idea – fx an in-guild pvp tournament.

  3. A guild or friends does make everything better. I am suffering from GRS right now. I keep trying new games, but they are all missing the M.

    Guilds are a pain too. It is no different than a relationship where they do things to piss you off, and you do things to piss them off. It is just hard to always be happy.

    MY mind tells me to take a break completely away from gaming, but an hour later I am bored out of my mind, and looking for my next gaming fix to cure my GRS.

  4. UFTimmy and I were in a great guild, then we decided to merge with another that we had been teaming up for 25 man runs with. We sort of lost that loving feeling.

    Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of good people in the guild and I have a fun time when I’m on and raiding (which isn’t much at the moment and that’s mostly my own fault), but outside of raiding (and some of this is summer, some of isn’t) there isn’t much going on. Some of that might also be that because we’ve been hitting the 25s, there is little reward for doing much else really. Run a heroic? Why? We get nothing from it. Not many seemed to be all that into PVP so it doesn’t leave a whole lot.

    For now I’ll try to make raids (though I’m coming down with a fucking head cold now so I’ll likely miss tonight’s raid) when I can and maybe mess around on the PTR. Oh and help de-noobify my family that is playing.

  5. @Ironyca – I’ve considered running an event but that would take a number of things:
    1. Time to set it up and execute – I’ve been hit or miss about being able to show up for 2.5 hour raids so I don’t think I could reliably set anything up.
    2. Other people are setting up events which I would try to go to but, again, something gets in the way or I simply don’t feel up to playing.
    3. Work is wearing me down, though I think I’m coming out of a busy time.
    4. I’m pretty lazy.

    Very cool blog, by the way. I liked the 10 creepiest things post. (http://ironyca.wordpress.com/2010/09/15/the-10-most-creepy-things-in-wow/#more-1528)

  6. I know what you mean, Mr Ogre. I find I lose interest in MMORPGs when the social aspect starts to dissipate, and can tolerate a lot of average gameplay and grinding when I get to play with friendly, social people. The ‘multiplayer’ M in MMORPG certainly is an important factor in keeping me interested, and it sounds the same for you.

    The obvious solution is one you mention, to play games where the social aspect exists, even if you perhaps won’t like the actual game as much. The player interactions will easily compensate for the deficiencies and may even give you more to chat about.

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