Better Multitasker

I’ve heard this before but had it confirmed as recently as the weekend; women are better at multitasking.

I was farming rep over the weekend on Smaken and dragged my sister through some of the older instances – in this case it was the three around Coilfang. I figured two level 80 Beast Mastery Hunters shouldn’t have a problem in there… namely because I don’t have a problem in there on my own. Sure enough, I was right.

While playing the mishaps occurred were mostly my doing. Silly stuff like not realizing my Misdirect was on cool down because one of the little ogres were talking to me or asking me stuff. Nothing that caused death, just a little bit more work than is normally needed.

Then my sister gets a call, it’s from the BIL’s family overseas (we were on Skype and she didn’t mute her mic). I figured, okay, we’ll break here while she’s AFK on the phone. Naaah, I can solo this instance, so I’ll just keep going. So I did.

And she didn’t stop playing along side. She was easily moving along, sending the pet in, picking targets and shooting stuff while chatting away on the phone, even calling her kids over to talk to their relative. By chatting, I don’t mean my typical phone call while I’m on the computer which goes something like this:

TheWife: Hi! I’m just calling to let you know (something or rather, by this point I’ve tuned her out).
Me: Uh huh.
TheWife: (More stuff I’m not really listening to)
Me: Yeah.
TheWife: .. and then we’ll cut your testicles off.
Me: Very funny, I’m listening. (/lie)
TheWife: Okay, I was thinking we could (is she still talking?)
Me: That sounds good.
TheWife: You’re on the computer aren’t you?!
Me: Maybe.
TheWife: Okay, I’ll talk to you when you get home. *click*
Me: Okay, good luck with that. Oh she hung up.. *click*

No, my sister was having this in depth conversation about the kids, school starting and all sorts of other things. I mean a real conversation that involved paying attention to what the person was saying, listening to them, processing that information and responding in kind.

I almost Misdirected to her to see what would happen…


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