2010 TV Season Premieres (Part 1)

I didn’t get a chance to watch everything I wanted to watch last night, but I recorded a couple to watch when I get a chance. What I did watch was the tail end of House, Chuck and Castle.

Spoiler warning… maybe.

So House seems to becoming more and more of a drama and less and less of a medical, funny and shocking show. I used to watch House because I was eagerly awaiting the next outburst from House. I think the writers are running out of stuff. From what I saw, it was a whole lot of drama, not as much ha ha. House and his boss are finally admitting they’re in love, she’s crazy to want him in her life while she’s trying to raise a kid because he’s got all sorts of issues and 13 has taken off. Okay. Meh.

Chuck picks up where it left off, Chuck is looking for his mom who went missing when he was young. He always thought she walked out on them and couldn’t understand why until he discovered his dad’s secret base under their old house and learns his mom was also a spy. Morgan is going to help him out – and I think that might be the one redeeming feature of the show. By tossing Morgan into the mix of things, it’s almost like a reboot of Chuck in that you’ve got a geeky guy that is somewhat clueless trying to be a spy while the others around him are spies. As can be expected, there is the traditional slow motion bits of gorgeous women – it brought a tear to my eye. Buy More is rebuilt as a CIA/NSA front and base of operations. That should be interesting. Overall, I wasn’t feeling as awesome about this as I have been with other shows, I started to wonder if I was just tired and not in the mood for TV. Don’t get me wrong, I liked it. It was somewhat fun and good seeing Linda Hamilton kicking butt at the end. Does she also have an Intersec in her head or is she just that awesome? Not meh, but it didn’t have me laughing as much as older episodes did.

Castle was fantastic and made it clear that I wasn’t being grumpy with the other two, I just wasn’t feeling them as much. Even though there was drama in Castle, it was light hearted and humorous which is what I love about the show. I thought the parallel between his daughter’s boyfriend not calling when he got back from Europe and Castle’s similar behavior was clever – learning from his daughter. It stayed true to form, even raised a question again about Castle and his use of guns. He claims to be a bit of a noob when it comes to guns, but he’s shown in the past that he’s proficient (two part episode where that crazy guy was killing people and trying to get Beckett, Castle amazingly shoots the gun out of the gun’s hand then shrugs it off saying he was aiming for the guy’s head). Beckett also somehow manages to look even better. Overall I enjoyed the show. I caught the forged money about when they were going to reveal it but the tattoo ink part I missed until after the commercials hehe.

I’ll give House a look from the beginning but TheWife said it was pretty much back and forth about why they shouldn’t be together.

I also recorded Hawaii Five-O which I’ll trying to squeeze in at some point. I was too young to really remember that show, though the previews did interest me. How could you go wrong with Hawaii as a setting?


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