Edward is Creepy

When you think about it, really think about, Edward is sort of creepy.


Well, he’s something like 400 years old. In that time he’s been around the world, experienced all sorts of things, learned all sorts of things and matured a whole heck of a lot more than I would have in my 35 years (yes, I know he’s not real – bite me).

Now, imagine you had 400 years of experience and maturity… where would you go?

I know I certainly wouldn’t go hang out in a high school taking the same classes over and over where I’m surrounded by kids that are only barely scratching the surface of adulthood. Heck, I couldn’t imagine going back to high school at my current age of 35! That’d sort of be like hell to me.

Therefore, Edward is creepy.


2 thoughts on “Edward is Creepy

  1. I was in dire need of brownie points so I actually, and it pained me to do so, said, “Why don’t we watch Twilight?” awhile back. I only just recently thought about that, I don’t remember what triggered the though – probably a commercial advertising, “Cougar Town”.

    I did watch the second one (when it came out on DVD/Blu-ray) simply because I love werewolves and wanted to see them kick vampire ass.

    I was somewhat disappointed when TheWife wouldn’t let me fast forward to the action parts.

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