Move Over, Old Timer

Some of the guys that played EQ with me and some other games often joke about how quick I am on clicking to loot stuff. They even go so far as to mention, “loot whore.” Fair enough.

In my defense, it’s not my fault the corpse dying animation takes longer to play out than it does for me to right click on it while I’m standing right there. I mean, I was in its face, it’s taking up most of my screen. It also isn’t my fault that the server messages sometimes came back in the wrong order:

Smaken has looted a Fine Steel Scimitar
Smaken has looted 2 gold and 5 silver.
The Orc Warrior has died.

In later MMOs it was a blessing, we’d kill stuff get the loot prompts and move on to the next group of mobs. Sure, sometimes the loot prompts would show up in the middle of a fight, blocking your view of what you were tanking or trying to target. That’s okay, it’ll still be there after you click your need, greed or pass choice… for the next five windows.

To be honest, I do that last bit specifically because people complained about the windows popping up. If the fight is a chump fight, I loot mid-battle. Usually not a problem… for me. Heals are covered, damage is coming, agro is held… I’ll just rummage through this corpse.

Well, I met my match.

Last night I caved and gifted a copy of Borderlands to the LBO so we could play together. He was sneaking onto my Steam account and playing mine here and there. He likes shooters. I figured at the discounted price, no worries, I’ll gift him a copy to his account and we can play together.

The kid loots faster than I can… and I was hosting!

Chests? Looted.
Trash piles? Looted.
Boss drops? Looted.

At least least he was leaving me the sniper rifle ammo… but none of the sniper rifles.

He’s such a good boy!


4 thoughts on “Move Over, Old Timer

  1. Borderlands is a great gift! You have this drunken Canadian who can’t remember his point so just rambles kind of writing style.

    Just kidding!

  2. I come off drunk? Really, it’s “early morning, not awake so ramble away at the keyboard while drinking a coffee” style.

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