2010 TV Season Premieres (Part 2)

Last night was another TV night where I caught up on some recorded shows and watched some new ones.

I have to admit, I did enjoy Hawaii Five-O even if it was very predictable and it felt like the major characters were tossed together. It had a decent pace, some humor and a fair bit of action. Grace Park is also pretty damn hot, though I question how hard she can hit since she looks like she weighs 20 pounds. “Book’em Danno,” had to be said and it was. I’ll keep watching it, but I think it would have been better served with a two hour premiere rather than only one hour. Pretty good.

Big Bang Theory was pretty funny, though I was also a little intoxicated while watching it. Robotic arm/hand was too funny and very true to geek-nature (the whole waiting 30 minutes for a robot to unpack their take out and the other incident too). Sheldon was funny as usual, with some really big comments on Penny. Penny won in the end, good one. Good stuff.

The  Mentalist delivered what you’d expect from the show, they don’t end up following up with any Red John content but continued along solving crimes. Jane is a little hesitant to take up the case because he wants to get back onto looking for Red John and Ms. Frye. He seems distracted but didn’t appear to be unraveling as the previews implied. Some of the interactions with the other characters in the show was interesting, though they played minor roles. Cho got stuck with a melodramatic wife that was supposed to be grieving, Rigsby and VanPelt were following up other leads that weren’t as involved as usual, though Rigsby getting pepper sprayed by a prostitute was sort of funny. Good stuff.

<bleep> My Dad Says, which is based on Shit My Dad Says, was somewhat amusing. Some of the dialog was funny, though somewhat over the top (raccoon stuff). Some of it seemed sort of done before; grumpy old dad and a son pining for attention/approval. I’m not really sure how long they’re going to be able to run with it and keep it going. I’ll keep watching for a bit and see where it goes. Needs more sauce.


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