Civilization V Lawsuit

I’m suing the makers of Civ V in hopes that they’ll return my Saturday to me.

I bought it Friday night on Steam, downloaded it, installed it Saturday morning and was completely unresponsive to external stimulation for the rest of the day.

I’ll take partial blame, I sort of knew what I was getting into from when I bought Civ IV and didn’t sleep for a day or so.

I’m addicted. The only way to save me and my family is to destroy the game!

After this next turn…


4 thoughts on “Civilization V Lawsuit

  1. We will have to try a multiplayer some time. I am even taking off the week of the 11th (for foliage photography).
    I spent saturday afternoon and most of sunday gaming it. Did one game on warlord for a alpha centauri victory, now in the middle of going for a culture win on prince level. Still getting a feel for a lot of the mechanics and nuances.
    Many of the changes I like, others I am on the fence over. Definitely good riddance to the stack of doom, war weariness (at last!), corruption in cities; not sure about losing religion, espionage, and national borders. I will definitely have to play it a couple more times. I also suspect an expansion pack or two will really make it shine.

  2. Hehe

    I might have to uninstall it just to save myself from spending too much time on it. We’ll see. Scott and Darin are both playing it quite a bit – they’re into it much more than I am.

    I think I might be content with having played it once. I find I adopt much the same strategies each time and the results tend to be much the same. If I’m going to do that, I might as well play something that isn’t as time consuming (even when you set it to ‘quick’ mode).

  3. I always play on quick mode. The idea is to try out different strategies, force you to think differently… that is part of why gaming makes you smarter 🙂

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