Pally Tank Tip: Mana Issues?

Despite the fact that Paladin tanking is going to change shortly, I’ll share a tip with you anyway.

Last night I was playing Lannister, tanking for my family members who are playing, when I was running out of mana a lot. Seal of Wisdom just didn’t do it because then I was losing agro to some of the better gear people (this was after you and your Ret+Righteous Furyness left, Tim).

So what did I do to increase my mana regen?

I took my pants off.

Despite that, I still had 545 Defense but it forced the Discipline Priest to heal on top of just bubbling so I was getting mana back through that.

Normally Divine Plea and charging through a dungeon works well enough, but I got handed two instances where that doesn’t work so well; Violet Hold and Forge of Souls. The mobs are just too spread out (or timed waves) with little to no critters to smack in order to refresh Divine Plea. So it runs out.

By dropping my drawers, I reduced my defenses and started taking more damage which meant the healer had to heal more.

So remember, if you’re having problems keeping your mana up, drop your pants.

True story.

(This wasn’t the first time I did this, I do it quite regularly, often just to see if anyone notices the tank is missing pants.)


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