Your Skill in Gamer Tolerance Has Increased! (450/450)

TheWife and I celebrated our 11th Wedding Anniversary on the weekend.

Kind of scary. 11 years of marriage. Thinking of that and some of my readers; some of you were just learning to walk, hitting puberty or learning to drive a car when I got hitched.

Of course, some of you were also already old and married… or just old.

We celebrated by reminded ourselves how old we were getting. We ended up at the bar (waiting for our table) at a restaurant that just opened up. It was a decent place, though sort of modern and trendy.

The barmaids were smoking hot. I’m talking stripper hot… only hotter than that because I haven’t seen too many strippers that were all that hot (although, I might not have been paying much attention to their faces). And their skirts were short, blouses cut low, bras padded and pushing up (or so TheWife pointed out). I tried my best to watch the hockey game that was on the TV over the bar but TheWife kept pointing stuff out.

“Ooh, I like her necklace!” says TheWife.

“What necklace? She’s wearing a necklace?” I look a little higher. “Oh hey, yes she is. Very nice.”

Nothing says Happy 11th Anniversary like checking out some hotties with your wife.

She not only takes good care of me, but she’s fun, has a sense of humor and is really easy going.

I think that’s the key right there.

“So over the 11 years, how many different times did you consider divorce?” she asked.

“Once or twice, but I don’t remember what it was about.”

“You’re not going to ask me?” she asks.


The say communication is the key to a successful marriage? I have to concur.


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