Go Go Evil Team!

Last week Team Evil took the opportunity to get rid of the do-gooders in the group. I’d say it was a long time coming but it wasn’t really all that long, it just felt long because we only played once per week.

Yeah, I’m talking about D&D.

The opportunity was too irresistable. We’ve staked out a semi-solid building in some ruins are currently inhabited by cultists of an evil, mad, and squid-like god and us because we’re pretending to be card carrying members.

Good Team consisted of:

  1. The conehead (Githyanki Psychic Warrior) – he’s GoodGuy#1.
  2. The cleric – he’s GoodGuy#2.
  3. The healer NPC  – he’s GoodGuy#3.
  4. Then there is the Druid, who really isn’t a ‘GoodGuy’, more of a Neutral tree-hugger type but we’ll call him GoodGuy#4.

Evil Team consisted of:

  1. The guy who likes dead stuff (Dread Necromancer) – EvilGuy#1
  2. The storyteller who didn’t know he was on Evil Team (Bard with less that goodly intentions) – EvilGuy#2
  3. The warlock – EvilGuy#3
  4. The me, Smaken (Ogre) – EvilGuy#4

The conehead wandered off on his own to take a look around the ruins at night.

The cleric was not in attendance for the evening so he was non-interactive (a.k.a. bonked)

The NPC healer was hanging about not doing too much, likely imagining health bars over our heads.

The druid was just preparing to settle in and put his wolf  (animal companion) out to guard the horses. My character had issues with the druid because his animal companion tried to eat my food (a Gnoll), then kept getting in the way. He also claimed the wolf was smarter than my brutish Ogre – clearly not true, the rocks told our Dread Necromancer as much.

So by my Ogre’s calculations, there was only one of them and four of us, five including myself.

After asking if the Druid could summon up any more animals or earth people (elementals), I learned he was almost tapped out of spells so I sucker punched him.

Combat ensued.

The druid was knocked unconscious three times before the NPC healer couldn’t keep him up anymore. We then took out his dog as he had called it back to him. The NPC healer high-tailed it even though I suggested he could heal me and I wouldn’t squish him.

We then set up an ambush for the conehead. He wandered right into it and was struck blind by the Dread Necro, then pummeled and blasted to death by rest of Evil Team.

We called it a short night there as the DM needed to make adjustments to the direction his campaign was taking and the other two had to roll up new characters.

Remember kids, Evil will always win over Good because Good is dumb.

This week we’re adding three new characters to the party and I’ve learned two out of the three are Evil! Yay!


5 thoughts on “Go Go Evil Team!

  1. Ha. Suckers. 😉

    I’ve been thinking about an interesting prestige class for my bard. We’ll see if the alignment I have in mind for it will fit with the new group.

  2. Well… we’re sort of split between Law and Chaos now. It seems about half the party is Lawful Evil while the others are Chaotic Neutral with some Evil sprinkles on top. The Law vs. Chaos dynamic could be our next source of strife.

  3. Actually, the druid wasn’t perhaps nearly as tapped as you thought — he just wasn’t set up with massive offensive spells at the time, though the flame blade was pretty effective. Too bad I had used Shillelagh earlier in the day or it might have gone a bit differently. And luckily for Team Evil, he wasn’t able to summon (didn’t try actually — would have taken too much time) or there might have been a bunch of elementals in the melee.

    Oh, and I do seem to recall the orge getting tripped by the wolf at one point…

  4. I was rolling low but still managing to hit, hard. We steered you into the corner in hopes that you’d be penned in there and we would have been able to give you a whack if you tried summoning anything. It would have been a short fight if the Favored Soul NPC wasn’t healing you. Had you made it outside, things wouldn’t have been as easy since you would have had more room to move about and summon up stuff.

    In the end, I’ll take being tripped over being dead. 😀

  5. Yeah, Law vs Chaos might become an issue – depends on how strongly the two sides react. Some of us are better actors than others 😉

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