Alts Suck.

I’m all patched up and crusing for a new UI. I was using the default one yesterday and took a shot at a new one but it wasn’t coming in right and I needed to get some sleep since it was already 1am.

What did I do?

I fired up Smaken, went to the mail box, collected my cash for old badges and some sales (I’m kicking myself for not holding on to gems or buying up ones that were dirt cheap). Then I hit up a trainer – very important to do. Trained up everything that was there. Set my specs up and stabled the pets I wasn’t going to use.

Then I ran about collecting pets.

I picked up the following (in addition to my Wolf, Cat, two Spirit Beasts and Turtle):

  • Crocolisk from Wetlands (a.k.a. Hater) – snare
  • Core Hound from Molten Core (a.k.a. Jalepeno) – casting speed debuff and heroism
  • Ravager from Hellfire Penninsula (a.k.a. Cuddles) – physical damage increase debuff  (as in the target takes more damage)
  • Sporebat from Zangarmarsh (a.k.a. Sorebat) – casting speed debuff
  • Silithid from Un’Goro (a.k.a. I don’t remember) – health buff
  • Raptor from Zul’Drak (a.k.a. Blueberries) – Armor debuff
  • Bear from Zul’Drak (a.k.a. Icepaws) – Physical Damage caused debuff (target does less physcial damage to others)
  • Hyena from The Barrens (a.k.a. Roffles) – Bleed damage
  • Wind Serpent from Grizzly Hills (a.k.a. Icicle) – Increases spell damage taken
  • Tallstrider from Darkshore (a.k.a. Tim) – Attack speed slow

The Crocolisk, Spirit Beasts and Turtle weren’t really on the list for useful buffs to bring to a raid, instead I have them because they’re cool, I can use them for PVP or I can use them for soloing. I now have some pet leveling to do…

I still haven’t figured out the BM rotation, it seems awkward with some new abilities that pop up and others that are old but behave differently. It is a little more complicated now, which is a good thing. For the MM rotation, I’m still sorting that one out too but I did manage to hit 5.4k DPS on that boss in Pit of Saron with no addons going. I couldn’t see my cooldowns, didn’t know what was doing what damage and it all just felt awkward after so many months of running the same rotation for MM in raids. Oh, and Tim was holding me back – though he does look cool as a Turquoise Tall Strider and did ding level 78! 🙂

Did I mention my UI was borked? I went ahead and did a minimalistic (essential addons) download late last night.. or this morning, but I’m getting some LUA errors with some of them. I’ll sort it out in a couple of days.

Oh, I also took a stab at Reforging. unlike other Hunters who are looking for Hit and AGI gems because all their Armor Penetration gems are now Crit gems, I didn’t need to adjust my gems. However, I did end up with way too much Hit Rating (over 12% somehow). So I visited the dude that does Reforging to convert some Hit and Haste rating into Mastery. I haven’t tried my DPS out yet, but it should help because I now have a 24% chance to fire off a second arrow at 115% normal damage where as before it was only 8-10%.

All I have left to do is figure out the following specs and abilities for my alts:

  • Prot/Ret spec for my Paladin.
  • Shadow/Holy spec for my Priest
  • Unholy spec for my DK (though I might try Blood tanking)
  • Frost spec for my Mage (still leveling, I’ll switch when it hits 80)
  • Resto/Boomkin specs for my Druid.

Oh and I still have to sort of glyphs for most of the toons and specs. There are many holes there. 😦

I hate having so many alts.


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