Too Late!

I made the mistake of popping on to WoW after my D&D session. I figured, it’s 11pm and I’m only going to use my transmutter to transmute something, maybe refine a gem and then log off.

Boot the DK, see I have no gems to transmute so I transmute and create some Eternal Shadow. I should be able to make some gems tomorrow now. I guess I should check my abilities and talents. Oh, teleport to that DK place and train up. Oops, he’s short some cash. Sell some stuff to a vendor. Ah ha! Training paid for. Now for the spec – hmm… Unholy or Blood? Or Frost? I guess I’ll go Unholy because I’ve got an epic (fail) 2h weapon.

Hmm… which should I take? Check the web find a few bad links and then a blog that appears to have 4.0.1 info. Unfortunately it looks more like a leveling spec than min/maxer DPS type. I guess I’ll sort it out later.

Log off and switch to Smaken (Hunter goodness). I don’t really feel up for questing. Oh! I can check for missing glyphs for my BM/MM Hunter specs on the Auction House.

Wow, those are expensive! F that!

Boot up the Priest who has Inscription to see if she has the recipes and, YES! She has two of the three I need – also the two that were on the AH for 60-70 gold each. Dig around for materials, trade some in for inks, sell some crap so I can afford the pages and might as well hit up the trainer.

ZOMG! I have an obscene amount of Hit Rating on the Priest – over 38% worth!

Well, might as well put in the Shadow spec. Hmm, where do I put this point? Search the web find a bunch of different specs and just decide to go with the one that makes the most sense to me. Make the glyphs, send them along.

Do I want to bother setting up the heal spec? Meh. Kind of tired. Mail Smaken the glyphs. Switch over to Smaken. Install glyphs (butcept Arcane Shot one because it wasn’t up on the AH) and head over to the practice dummies.

I try BM rotation and get about 4.6-4.8k DPS. I try the MM rotation and get about 5.4-5.6K but I remember Frostheim (from Warcraft Hunters Union) noted the numbers here will be inflated because of a talent that increases MM damage (I believe it’s only for some shots) while the mob has over 85% health. Practice dummies don’t tend to drop in health very much so it was over 85% health the whole time.

MM seems to do more DPS for me, but I sort of like BM because I can pull out exotic pets and use those. I also like some of the additions/changes. I might take a look at it again, maybe macro Bestial Wrath in with some of my shots so I don’t forget to use it all the time.

Oh hey, a guild tank is asking if anyone wants to group. It’s after midnight but it’s a full guild run of Forge of Souls (so he said) so it should go quick. Dungeon pops up, Pit of Saron. WTH? Okay, still should be quick.

First fight and the healer’s addons go berserk on him (hehe). No worries, we survive. I think his wife’s Druid switched to heals to bail us out. I’m not sure because I’m trying to figure out why the abilities aren’t firing when I press them. Watching the bar I press the button, it flashes but nothing happens. Oh, I’m not facing the target because the big skeleton dazed me and I stumbled away.

First boss is reached in short time. Druid DPS can still AOE lots and is at 8k. My DPS is down at 5.5k… ish. Sad Hunter. First boss downed. On to Ick. That goes fine.

Everyone mounts up to run past the first mobs on the ramp that spawn others and is a PITA fight. Ooops, not everyone mounted up, the other Hunter (BM spec, lower gear, about 800-1000 DPS off mine) didn’t mount up and is trapped on the other side so we clear them.

Pull skeles, not sure what happend but suddenly I got agro. Again, I was watching my hotbar and playing with a Steady Shot then Multishot, Multishot, Multishot AOE rotation. I FD and look at the party panel – oh. Tank is dead.

Kite one skele away, and come back after I killed it to help the others out. We lived. Tank mutters something about messing up a rotation or something, I’m not sure, I haven’t quite figured mine out yet.

Okay, good times. Rez tank and hit the tunnel of collapsing ceiling thingies that launch you around if you get hit by them. Tank is worried. I’m not, I have Misdirection and if that fails I have Feign Death.

Run to mid-point, stop and clear trash. I try my AOE rotation to some decent success (about 8k DPS, I think). We move on for the second half. I catch one icicle drop and get bounced sideways into another that launches me forward – in front of the tank. He compliments me on the nice move. I giggle knowing it was completely luck.

Clear that trash, again using my AOE rotation. Then wait for Scourgelord RP to stop. He jumps off his big dracolich and we spank him. All done, we disband.

Shaman had sent me the glyph I was missing but it hasn’t arrived yet. Oh hey, I’m getting another invite.

Weekly raid to kill Ignis? Um… well, it’s almost 1am, I prolly shouldn’t.


Flame Leviathon goes down hard and fast (insert *like Tim’s mom* joke here) so we move on to Ignis. We decide we’re going to zerg it. We do. Into the pot with me. It’s too hot in there. Back out and back to my epileptic rotation. I keep casting even though DBM tells me not to. Oh. That’s a nasty DoT on me. Oops, into the pot I go. Ouch. That hurts. Heals are good, but not that good.

I died. My bad. I always wanted to see what happens if you were still casting. (Could have been I was standing in a fire spot and didn’t realize it – the tank wasn’t aiming him towards the water so there were firey ground spots all over.) I’ll blame him, he wasn’t a guildie.

We get him down with the other hunter dying. I was in second or third place for DPS until I died. Rogue was on the top with 10k! I think I was around 6k or so.

We disband. Go hand in weekly.

Don’t go, I’m not done yet.

Rogue DPS in that raid inspires me to go check my rogue out on another server.

Oh right, he’s idling and has no gear because I moved the heirloom stuff over to my Mage.

I guess I can train the Mage and look at the Frost spec (she’s only level 72 so looking for a leveling spec). Seems straight forward but I check the web anyway. See some different things. Check glyphs. Adjust hotbars and key binds.

Okay, now I’m done. It’s around 2am when I get to bed.




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