Skipping Heroic Bosses = Dumb

I couldn’t believe it. I run Old Kingdom just a short time ago and the tank skipped all the bosses. When I pointed out that badges don’t drop and killing every boss is like getting Emblems of Frost off each one they just said, “Oh, yeah, he knows.”



I can understand skipping the mushroom because it’s annoying, but the other two are easy. There is no point to rushing to the end just to get the daily bonus of 2 Emblems of Frost.


Justice Points for all now.


I know, you’re thinking, “But Smaken, you don’t need Emblems of Frost or Justice Points anymore so why are you running dungeons for Justice Points?”

There is this mount you can buy for Justice Points. That’s the only reason. Anything else will get used for gems or something. I’m also using dungeons to level my pets quickly.

Still, annoying as hell.

Blizzard should make all the bosses on the daily run worth more JPs. That might get people running all of the dungeon.

3 thoughts on “Skipping Heroic Bosses = Dumb

  1. That’s one of the bad aspects of running pugs with the dungeon finder. Even when they were dropping emblems I hated skipping bosses.

  2. As a healer or a tank, you still have a reason to skip bosses because the reward at the end makes up for it and you can get into a new group faster.

  3. First run bonus is okay, not worth skipping some easy bosses over. After the first run? It’s not really a big reward. I think the bosses are probably better off.

    Sorry, but bosses are going down in under a minute (often under 30 seconds) and most of them are on the way. No point to skipping at all.

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