That’s what I’m playing right now. I’m just farming rep all over the place.

I’m currently working on Shatari Skyguard faction and I’m about 10k from Exalted. I’ve popped over to do some of the ones in Blades Edge Mountains which also gets me some faction with Ogri’la.

I love me some ogres.

Oh, word of advice to level 80 Horde Druids running around that area flagged for PVP – don’t step in front of me when I’m using multishot. The poor chump that did that yesterday learned that lesson. He did it intentionally hoping to get catch me in an AOE and flagged me. He was prepared, I wasn’t. He still had a dirt nap while I finished looting up and handed in a few quests. I even had my level 77 pet up – devilsaur.

Say hello to Bestial Wrath, Arcane Shot spam, Intimidation stun and Kill Command my fur-feathered friend.

I hate to admit it, but I’m really starting to like Beastmaster spec.


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