Not Dead Yet.

I haven’t posted for what seems like ages. Some of that might just be personal perception. I’ve had several days that have felt like they were a week long lately.

Ever have those days? Ones where by the end of the day it feels like the events of the morning happened several days ago? It’s been like that every day for the last few weeks.

What’s up?

Work. Family. Small amounts of playing games. Sleep.

I’ll skip to the more interesting stuff. Games.

I’ve been playing Borderlands on and off with my oldest son. We actually completed the game (playthrough 1) together. I was playing Siren while he was playing Roland. I wish there was some way to see how many times I saved his bacon, because it seemed like that was all I was getting to do for awhile there.

He’s got some interesting ideas.

When the engineer opponents drop turrets, charge, jump over the turret so that they can’t shoot you (they have a front 180 degree cone of fire). So he’s right, he just takes a bucket load of damage while running there and jumping over. On top of that he’s now got no cover from the enemy either.

Me? I prefer to pick them off from cover because when they die, the turrets disappear too.

He also tends to charge in without looking which does a number of things. First, it ends up making him an easy target. Second, he blocks my line of fire which ends up protecting the enemy from me. Third, he gets his toon killed which forces me to charge in and save him.

I ended up developping a strategy to help out with that. I whittle down an enemy and let him kill it off for a ‘second wind’ revival. Unless I can get to him and still have cover. Using his toon as cover while reviving him was also a common tactic.

Still, we beat the boss at the end. He was really excited about that.

We haven’t started Playthrough 2 yet (I have on my Hunter who beat the game quite some time ago), instead we took a quick look at the expansions. LBO is pretty keen on the General’s Secret Armory expansion so we’ve played that a couple of times.

On the WoW front I’ve mainly being doing my Oracles dailies (I don’t know why I didn’t bother getting those done previously) mainly. Once those are done, it depends on how much time and what mood I’m in. I either run a heroic (usually I queue up for one while doing the dailies) or work on other rep or rep item required mounts (such as Argent Tourney). I’ve taken one shot at that mount from Anzu in Sethek Halls. It’s a fun one to solo as a Hunter and good practice for pet control. I haven’t been back since it is a little time consuming.

Other than that, I’ve been mucking around with a Rogue on Stormrage where I might end up transfering to for Cataclysm – well, a little before Cataclysm. November 1st to be exact.

I recently played a Rogue up to the 40s on another server so leveling this one again after the 4.0.1 changes is quite something else. The damage I’m dealing at lower levels is quite insane, even before I loaded the toon up with heirloom armor and weapons.

Using Hogger as an example, I watched a Mage kite him around for several minutes before I stepped in and finished him off. Then when I found him back up again (he was tapped for the Mage), I realized we were even level. I expected a bit of a challenge, possibly having to use a potion.

Nope. I absolutely ruined Hogger in a really short time without taking much damage at all. It’s sick.

The rogue class has always interested me. I’ve always enjoyed the ability to move about unseen and the frantic nature of the class concept through various games; MMO or pen and paper. For some reason, I’ve never really taken one to any significant level.

I played one to the early teens in D&D 3.5e. I’ve leveled one to the 20s in EQ and EQ2. I fiddled with the lower levels of one in DAoC, DDO, LOTRO and Vanguard. I’ve just never really leveled one to any significant level. Really the highest I had was this one I leveled to 40.

I haven’t the slightest reason why. Most likely, I abandon the game or switch my focus back to my main and never really look back.

That’s all I have for now.

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